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2.1.1 calibrater - Tool

Synthesis calibration (self- and cross-)



The calibrater tool (cb) provides for synthesis calibration operations within CASA.


calibrater Construct a calibrater tool
open Attach MeasurementSet to the calibrater tool
selectvis Set the data selection for subsequent processing
setmodel Set the sky model used to compute the model visibilities
setptmodel Set the point source model Stokes parameters to be used to compute the model visibilities
setapply Arrange to apply calibration
setcallib Arrange to apply calibration via a Cal Library
validatecallib Validate a Cal Library record
setsolve Arrange to solve for calibration
setsolvegainsplineSpecialization of setsolve for cubic spline G (time-dependent gain) solving
setsolvebandpoly Specialization of setsolve for polynomial B (bandpass) solving
state Request the apply/solve state of the calibrater tool
reset Reset the selected apply and/or solve components
initcalset Re-initialize the calibration scratch columns.
delmod Delete model data representations in the MS.
solve Solve for the selected calibration components
correct Apply calibration information
corrupt Corrupt model with calibration tables
initweights Initialize MS weight info in various ways.
fluxscale Bootstrap the flux density scale from standard calibrators
accumulate Accumulate incremental calibration solutions into a cumulative calibration table
activityrec Returns a record containing properties of recent activity
specifycal Externally specify calibration of various types
smooth Produce a smoothed calibration table
listcal List the contents of a calibration table
posangcal Apply position angle calibration to an existing cal table
linpolcor Correct the gain table for linear polarization of the calibrator
plotcal Plot a calibration table
modelfit Model fitting
createcaltable Create an empty calibration table
updatecaltableCaltable modernizer.
close Close the calibrater tool
done Destroy the calibrater tool

    calibrater.calibrater - Function - Function
    calibrater.selectvis - Function
    calibrater.setmodel - Function
    calibrater.setptmodel - Function
    calibrater.setapply - Function
    calibrater.setcallib - Function
    calibrater.validatecallib - Function
    calibrater.setsolve - Function
    calibrater.setsolvegainspline - Function
    calibrater.setsolvebandpoly - Function
    calibrater.state - Function
    calibrater.reset - Function
    calibrater.initcalset - Function
    calibrater.delmod - Function
    calibrater.solve - Function
    calibrater.correct - Function
    calibrater.corrupt - Function
    calibrater.initweights - Function
    calibrater.fluxscale - Function
    calibrater.accumulate - Function
    calibrater.activityrec - Function
    calibrater.specifycal - Function
    calibrater.smooth - Function
    calibrater.listcal - Function
    calibrater.posangcal - Function
    calibrater.linpolcor - Function
    calibrater.plotcal - Function
    calibrater.modelfit - Function
    calibrater.createcaltable - Function
    calibrater.updatecaltable - Function
    calibrater.close - Function
    calibrater.done - Function

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