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1.2.1 componentlist - Tool

A tool for the manipulation of groups of components



A componentlist is a tool that contains functions that manipulate components. A component is a functional representation of the sky brightness and is described in more detail in the overview of this module.

The simplest way to make a componentlist tool is to use the addcomponent Thies creates a componentlist tool with a specified component but not associated with any file.

The alternative is to use the open. This creates a componentlist tool by reading the data form an CASA table.

The simplest way to add components to a list is to use the simulate function. The components that are added to the list can then be edited using the component editor, or any of the manipulate functions like setshape or setrefdir.


open Construct an componentlist from the data in an CASA table
asciitocomponentlistCreate a componentlist from an ascii file (Not implemented yet)
concatenate Append components from another componentlist.
fromrecord make a componentlist tool from a record
torecord convert componentlist to a record
remove Remove a component from the list.
purge Permanently delete removed components.
recover Obtain removed components.
length Find the number of components in the list.
indices Return a vector of indices. (Not implemented yet)
sort Sort the components in a list
isphysical Check if a component is physically plausible
sample Sample the flux of the list in a specified direction. (Not implemented yet)
rename Give the list a name so it can save itself. use close to save to disk
simulate Add some simulated components to the list
addcomponent Add a component to the list
close Save the componentlist to disk and reset its state.
edit Start up the component editor gui (Not implemented yet)
done Delete the componentlist tool
select Mark components in the list
deselect Unmark components in the list
selected Determine which components are selected
getlabel Get the label of the specified component
setlabel Set the label of the specified components
getfluxvalue Get the flux value of the specified component
getfluxunit Get the flux unit of the specified component
getfluxpol Get the polarization representation for the flux of the specified component (Not implmented yet)
getfluxerror Get the error in the flux of the specified component
setflux Set the flux of the specified components
convertfluxunitChange (convert) the flux units of the specified components
convertfluxpol Change (convert) the polarization representation of the specified components
getrefdir Return the reference direction
getrefdirra Get the RA of the reference direction. (Not implemented not)
getrefdirdec Get the declination of the reference direction.(Not implemented yet)
getrefdirframe Get the reference frame of the reference direction.
setrefdir Set the reference direction
setrefdirframe Set the reference frame for the direction
convertrefdir Convert the reference direction to a new frame
shapetype Returns the shape type of the component
getshape Return the shape parameters the component
setshape Change the shape of the component
convertshape Change the units of the shape parameters (Not implemented yet)
spectrumtype Returns the spectral shape of the component
getspectrum Return the spectral parameters the component
setstokesspectrumChange the spectrum of the component
setspectrum Change the spectrum of the component
getfreq Get the reference frequency (Not implemented yet)
getfreqvalue Get the reference frequency value (Not implemeted yet)
getfrequnit Get the reference frequency unit (Not implemeted yet)
getfreqframe Get the reference frequency frame (Not implemeted yet)
setfreq Set the reference frequency
setfreqframe Set the reference frame for the frequency
convertfrequnit Convert the reference frequency to a new unit
getcomponent Extract a component from the list.
add Add a component to the list.
replace Replace components in the list. (Not implemented yet)
summarize Summarize the specified component to the logger
iscomponentlist Is the argument a componentlist tool? (Not implemented yet) - Function
    componentlist.asciitocomponentlist - Function
    componentlist.concatenate - Function
    componentlist.fromrecord - Function
    componentlist.torecord - Function
    componentlist.remove - Function
    componentlist.purge - Function
    componentlist.recover - Function
    componentlist.length - Function
    componentlist.indices - Function
    componentlist.sort - Function
    componentlist.isphysical - Function
    componentlist.sample - Function
    componentlist.rename - Function
    componentlist.simulate - Function
    componentlist.addcomponent - Function
    componentlist.close - Function
    componentlist.edit - Function
    componentlist.done - Function - Function
    componentlist.deselect - Function
    componentlist.selected - Function
    componentlist.getlabel - Function
    componentlist.setlabel - Function
    componentlist.getfluxvalue - Function
    componentlist.getfluxunit - Function
    componentlist.getfluxpol - Function
    componentlist.getfluxerror - Function
    componentlist.setflux - Function
    componentlist.convertfluxunit - Function
    componentlist.convertfluxpol - Function
    componentlist.getrefdir - Function
    componentlist.getrefdirra - Function
    componentlist.getrefdirdec - Function
    componentlist.getrefdirframe - Function
    componentlist.setrefdir - Function
    componentlist.setrefdirframe - Function
    componentlist.convertrefdir - Function
    componentlist.shapetype - Function
    componentlist.getshape - Function
    componentlist.setshape - Function
    componentlist.convertshape - Function
    componentlist.spectrumtype - Function
    componentlist.getspectrum - Function
    componentlist.setstokesspectrum - Function
    componentlist.setspectrum - Function
    componentlist.getfreq - Function
    componentlist.getfreqvalue - Function
    componentlist.getfrequnit - Function
    componentlist.getfreqframe - Function
    componentlist.setfreq - Function
    componentlist.setfreqframe - Function
    componentlist.convertfrequnit - Function
    componentlist.getcomponent - Function
    componentlist.add - Function
    componentlist.replace - Function
    componentlist.summarize - Function
    componentlist.iscomponentlist - Function

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