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coordsys.telescope - Function

1.1.3 Return the telescope


This function returns the telescope contained in the Coordinate System as a simple string.

The telescope position may be needed for reference code conversions; this is why it is maintained in the Coordinate System.

The conversion from string to position is done with Measures observatory. The example shows how.




print "\t----\t telescope Ex 1 \t----"  
csys = cs.newcoordsys()  
print csys.telescope()  
print me.observatory(csys.telescope())  
#{’type’: ’position’, ’refer’: ’ITRF’,  
# ’m1’: {’value’: -0.5261379196128062, ’unit’: ’rad’},  
# ’m0’: {’value’: 2.6101423190348916, ’unit’: ’rad’},  
# ’m2’: {’value’: 6372960.2577234386, ’unit’: ’m’}}  
We get the telescope as a string.  
 The Measures system is used to convert from  
the simple name to a position Measure.  


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