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3.1.2 deconvolver - Tool

deconvolver tool



deconvolver is a tool that deconvolves a known point spread function from an image. A deconvolver must be constructed for each dirty image and point spread function for which one wishes to do processing. Multicple copies of deconvolver may be made at any time (provide they are given different names).


??Construct a deconvolver tool
??Open a new dirty image and PSF
??Reopen the dirty image and PSF
??Close the deconvolver tool
??Terminate the deconvolver process
??Summarize the current state
??Construct a mask from blc, trc
??Construct a mask image from a region
??Zero all pixels where Stokes I is below a threshold
??Make a clean image using the Clark Clean a threshold
??Make a clean image using the Clark Clean a threshold
??Return the name of the dirty-image table
??Return the name of the PSF-image table
??Make an empty image
??Convolves an image with the PSF
??Make an image with a single gaussian component
??Return the “state” of the tool
??[A GUI builders related function]Update the GUI to reflect the currect state
??Make a clean image with Hogbom or MultiScale Clean
??Make a clean image with Hogbom with self masking
??Set the scale sizes for MultiScale Clean
??Fourier transform the specified model
??Restore the residuals
??Find the residuals
??smooth the image
??Make the mem image
??Make the mem’s prior image, or make a mask
??Init : Make a series of images using a Multi-Term Clean algorithm
??Make a series of images using a Multi-Term Clean algorithm
??Restore the Multi-Term residuals
??Interpret Taylor coefficients as a power law, and compute spectral index

    deconvolver.deconvolver - Function - Function
    deconvolver.reopen - Function
    deconvolver.close - Function
    deconvolver.done - Function
    deconvolver.summary - Function
    deconvolver.boxmask - Function
    deconvolver.regionmask - Function
    deconvolver.clipimage - Function
    deconvolver.clarkclean - Function
    deconvolver.fullclarkclean - Function
    deconvolver.dirtyname - Function
    deconvolver.psfname - Function
    deconvolver.make - Function
    deconvolver.convolve - Function
    deconvolver.makegaussian - Function
    deconvolver.state - Function
    deconvolver.updatestate - Function
    deconvolver.clean - Function
    deconvolver.naclean - Function
    deconvolver.setscales - Function
    deconvolver.ft - Function
    deconvolver.restore - Function
    deconvolver.residual - Function
    deconvolver.smooth - Function
    deconvolver.mem - Function
    deconvolver.makeprior - Function
    deconvolver.mtopen - Function
    deconvolver.mtclean - Function
    deconvolver.mtrestore - Function
    deconvolver.mtcalcpowerlaw - Function

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