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image.miscinfo - Function

1.1.1 Get the miscellaneous information record from an image


A CASA image file can accumulate miscellaneous information during its lifetime. This information is stored in a record called the miscinfo record. For example, the FITS filler puts header keywords it doesn’t otherwise use into the miscinfo record. This miscinfo record is not guaranteed to have any entries, so it’s up to you to check for any fields that you require.

You can also put things into this record (see setmiscinfo) yourself, to keep information that the system might not otherwise store for you.

When the image is written out to FITS, the items in the miscinfo record are written to the FITS file as keywords with the corresponding record field name.




print "\t----\t miscinfo Ex 1 \t----"  
print ia.miscinfo()       # print the record  
print ia.miscinfo()  
header = ia.miscinfo()    # capture the record for further use  
print header  


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