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2.3.1 imager - Tool

tool for synthesis imaging



imager is an tool that accomplishes synthesis processing. A imager must be constructed for each MeasurementSet for which one wishes to do processing. Multiple copies of imager may be made at any time (provide they are given different names).


imager Construct an imager tool
advise Advise (and optionally use) parameter values
advisechansel Advise on spw and chan selection optimal for the image frequency range wanted
approximatepsfCalculate approximate point spread functions
boxmask Construct a mask image from blc, trc
calcuvw Calculates (u, v, w) coordinates for the ms.
clean Calculate a deconvolved image with selected clean algorithm
clipimage Zero all pixels where Stokes I is below a threshold
clipvis Flag visibilities where residual exceeds a threshold
close Close the imager tool, with data written on disk, keeping imager process running for future use
defineimage Set the image parameters for subsequent processing
done Terminate the imager process
drawmask Allows you do draw mask using the viewer
exprmask Construct a mask image from a LEL expression
feather Feather together an interferometer and a single dish image in the Fourier plane
filter Apply additional weighting by filtering (u-v taper)
fitpsf Fit the point spread function, making psf image first if needed
fixvis Performs visibility adjustments.
ft Fourier transform the specified model and componentlist
getweightgrid get the requested weight grids
linearmosaic Make a linear mosaic of several images
make Make an empty (i.e. blank) image
predictcomp Make a component list for a known object
makeimage Calculate images by gridding, etc.
makemodelfromsd Make an initial model image from a Single Dish image
mask Construct a mask image by thresholding an image
mem Calculate a deconvolved image with selected mem (maximum entropy) algorithm
nnls Calculate a deconvolved image using the NNLS algorithm
open Open a new MeasurementSet, for processing, closing current MeasurementSet
pb Applies or corrects for a primary beam
plotsummary Plot a summary of field and spectral window ids
plotuv Plot the uv coverage
plotvis Plot the visibility amplitudes as a function of u-v radius (also, see visplot tool
plotweights Plot the visibility weights as a function of u-v radius
regionmask Construct a mask image from a region
regiontoimagemaskunion a mask image with various regions
residual Calculate the residual image with respect to current model and component list
restore Calculate the restored image with restored model, component list, and residuals
updateresidual Calculate the residual and restored images with new modified model, component list,
sensitivity Calculate rms sensitivity
apparentsens Calculate rms sensitivity directly from weights
setbeam Set the beam parameters for clean restoration
selectvis Select visibilities for subsequent processing
setjy Compute the model visibility for a specified source flux density
ssoflux Use setjy instead.
setmfcontrol Set various cycle control parameters for multi-field and wide-field imageing.
setoptions Set some general options for subsequent processing
setscales Set the scale sizes for MultiScale Clean
setsmallscalebiasSet bias toward smaller scales for MultiScale Clean
settaylorterms Set the number of Taylor series terms for Multi-Frequency Clean
setsdoptions Set some options for single dish processing
setvp Set the voltage pattern model for subsequent processing
setweightgrid set the requested weight grids
smooth Calculate an image smoothed with a Gaussian beam
stop stop the currently executing function asap
summary Summarize the current state of the imager tool
uvrange Select data within the limit of a given range
weight Apply additional weighting to the visibility weights
mapextent Compute map extent from given set of MSs

    imager.imager - Function
    imager.advise - Function
    imager.advisechansel - Function
    imager.approximatepsf - Function
    imager.boxmask - Function
    imager.calcuvw - Function
    imager.clean - Function
    imager.clipimage - Function
    imager.clipvis - Function
    imager.close - Function
    imager.defineimage - Function
    imager.done - Function
    imager.drawmask - Function
    imager.exprmask - Function
    imager.feather - Function
    imager.filter - Function
    imager.fitpsf - Function
    imager.fixvis - Function
    imager.ft - Function
    imager.getweightgrid - Function
    imager.linearmosaic - Function
    imager.make - Function
    imager.predictcomp - Function
    imager.makeimage - Function
    imager.makemodelfromsd - Function
    imager.mask - Function
    imager.mem - Function
    imager.nnls - Function - Function
    imager.pb - Function
    imager.plotsummary - Function
    imager.plotuv - Function
    imager.plotvis - Function
    imager.plotweights - Function
    imager.regionmask - Function
    imager.regiontoimagemask - Function
    imager.residual - Function
    imager.restore - Function
    imager.updateresidual - Function
    imager.sensitivity - Function
    imager.apparentsens - Function
    imager.setbeam - Function
    imager.selectvis - Function
    imager.setjy - Function
    imager.ssoflux - Function
    imager.setmfcontrol - Function
    imager.setoptions - Function
    imager.setscales - Function
    imager.setsmallscalebias - Function
    imager.settaylorterms - Function
    imager.setsdoptions - Function
    imager.setvp - Function
    imager.setweightgrid - Function
    imager.smooth - Function
    imager.stop - Function
    imager.summary - Function
    imager.uvrange - Function
    imager.weight - Function
    imager.mapextent - Function

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