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1.4.1 measures - Tool

measures tool



dirshow Show direction measure as a string.
show Show a measure as a string
epoch define an epoch measure
direction define a direction measure
getvalue get the value of a measure
gettype get the type of a measure
getref get the reference code of a measure
getoffset get the offset of a measure
cometname get the current comet name
comettype get the current comet table type
cometdist get the distance of the current comet in the current frame
cometangdiamget the angular diameter of the current comet in the current frame
comettopo get the current comet table coordinates
framecomet set the current comet table
position define a position measure
observatory get position of an observatory
obslist get a list of known observatories
linelist get a list of known spectral lines
spectralline get frequency of a spectral line
sourcelist get a list of known sources
source get direction of a source
frequency define a frequency measure
doppler define a doppler measure
radialvelocity define a radialvelocity measure
shift Shift a direction measure by an offset angle at a position angle.
uvw define a uvw measure
touvw calculate a uvw measure from a baseline
expand expand n positions to n*(n-1)/2 baselines
earthmagnetic define an earthmagnetic measure
baseline define a baseline measure
asbaseline define a baseline from a position measure
listcodes get known reference code names (list indices do not necessarily correspond to enumeration indices)
measure convert a measure to another reference
doframe save a measure as frame reference
framenow set the active frame time at now
showframe show the currently active frame reference
toradialvelocityconvert a doppler type value to a real radial velocity
tofrequency convert a doppler type value to a frequency
todoppler convert a frequency or radialvelocity measure to a doppler measure
torestfrequencyconvert a frequency and doppler measure to a rest frequency
rise get rise and set sidereal time
riseset get rise and set times
posangle get position angle of two directions
separationget separation angle between two directions
addxvalueget some additional measure information
type type of tool
done free resources used by tool.
ismeasure Check if measure

    measures.dirshow - Function - Function
    measures.epoch - Function
    measures.direction - Function
    measures.getvalue - Function
    measures.gettype - Function
    measures.getref - Function
    measures.getoffset - Function
    measures.cometname - Function
    measures.comettype - Function
    measures.cometdist - Function
    measures.cometangdiam - Function
    measures.comettopo - Function
    measures.framecomet - Function
    measures.position - Function
    measures.observatory - Function
    measures.obslist - Function
    measures.linelist - Function
    measures.spectralline - Function
    measures.sourcelist - Function
    measures.source - Function
    measures.frequency - Function
    measures.doppler - Function
    measures.radialvelocity - Function
    measures.shift - Function
    measures.uvw - Function
    measures.touvw - Function
    measures.expand - Function
    measures.earthmagnetic - Function
    measures.baseline - Function
    measures.asbaseline - Function
    measures.listcodes - Function
    measures.measure - Function
    measures.doframe - Function
    measures.framenow - Function
    measures.showframe - Function
    measures.toradialvelocity - Function
    measures.tofrequency - Function
    measures.todoppler - Function
    measures.torestfrequency - Function
    measures.rise - Function
    measures.riseset - Function
    measures.posangle - Function
    measures.separation - Function
    measures.addxvalue - Function
    measures.type - Function
    measures.done - Function
    measures.ismeasure - Function

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