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ms.selectpolarization - Function

1.3.1 Selection and convertion of polarizations


This function allows you to select a subset of the polarizations in the current measurement set. This function can also setup conversion to different polarization representations.

You specify the polarizations using a string vector. Allowable strings are include I, Q, U, V, RR, RL, LR, LL, XX, YY, XY, YX. These string must be specified in upper case. If the polarizations match those present in the measurement set they will be selected directly, otherwise all polarizations are read and then a conversion step is done. If the conversion cannot be done then an error will be produced when you try to access the data.

This function return True if the selection was successful, and False if not.

You need to call selectinit before calling this function. If you haven’t then selectinit will be called for you with default arguments.




The polarizations wanted






      rec = ms.getdata("data")  
    This example selects all the data from the measurement set where  
    the value in the DATA_DESC_ID column is zero. This  
    corresponds to a particular spectral window and polarization  
    setup. It then selects the I and V polarizations and when the  
    getdata function is called the conversion from RR, LL, LR, RL  
    polarizations to I and V occurs.  


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