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1.3.3 msplot - Tool

Plot data from a measurement set



The msplot tool is a plotting tool for a measurement sets.

The functionality of the msplot tool extends that of the tableplot tool to add knowledgable about measurement sets. The msplot tool does for measurement sets what the tableplot tool does for tables. Much of the functionality is similar to that of tableplot tool and it may be useful to read the tableplot tool documentation.

There is also a similar plotting tool for calibration data, calplot tool. The calplot tool documentation may be useful to read since the calplot tool is similar to msplot tool 

Overview of msplot tool functionality

At present, the msplot tool plots from a single measurment sets only. Eventually data from more than one measurement set will be able to be accessed and plotted at the same time. Plots from the same MeasurementSet can be overlayed and more then one plotting panel can be created so different plots can be viewed simultaneously.


??Construct a msplot tool for plotting measurment sets
??Set the measurement set to be plotted.
??Clear the plotting window or a particular panel, or all panels.
??Like the Emperor’s New Clothes.
??Reset the state of MS plot back to its default state.
??Close the measurement set being used.
??See done – close and done do the same thing.
??Close the current MeasurementSet, and destroy the plotter – ending all plotting.
??Set the style of the plot.
??List a short summary, description, of the data in the open measurment set.
??Select a subset of the measurement set to operate on.
??Set the scope of flagging extension
??Specify which data is to be averaged in the MS (or selected MS).
??A generic plotting routine for Measurement sets.
??Routine for checking the sanity of a plotxy plot.
??Plot the first set of iterative plots.
??Continue plotting on an iteration axes.
??Stop an iterative plot.
??Save the currently plotted image.
??Mark a rectangular region to flag or to investigate the data in the area.
??Set flags for all selected regions marked using mp.markregion()
??Unset flags in all regions marked using mp.markregion() Similar to the mp.flagdata()
??Clear all flags in the table. Note: This clears *all* flags and should be used with caution.
??Print info about data selected using mp.markregion().
??Save current flags, applied to the current measurement set with a version name.
??Restore flags for the current Measurement Set.
??For the current measurement set delete a saved flag_version.
??Print out a list of saved flag_versions, for the current Measurement Set.

    msplot.msplot - Function - Function
    msplot.clearplot - Function
    msplot.emperorsNewClose - Function
    msplot.reset - Function
    msplot.closeMS - Function
    msplot.close - Function
    msplot.done - Function
    msplot.plotoptions - Function
    msplot.summary - Function
    msplot.setdata - Function
    msplot.extendflag - Function
    msplot.avedata - Function
    msplot.plot - Function
    msplot.checkplot - Function
    msplot.plotxy - Function
    msplot.checkplotxy - Function
    msplot.iterplotstart - Function
    msplot.iterplotnext - Function
    msplot.iterplotstop - Function
    msplot.savefig - Function
    msplot.markregion - Function
    msplot.flagdata - Function
    msplot.unflagdata - Function
    msplot.clearflags - Function
    msplot.locatedata - Function
    msplot.saveflagversion - Function
    msplot.restoreflagversion - Function
    msplot.deleteflagversion - Function
    msplot.getflagversionlist - Function

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