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msplot.iterplotstart - Function

1.3.3 Plot the first set of iterative plots.


Begin a series of plots using subtables constructed via an iteration axes, which is set in either the mp.plot or mp.plotxy methods. Use iterplotnext() to step through. Multi-panel plots as well as overplots are supported with this function. Overplots have a restriction in that both plots must have the same axies.

Only forward step through is allowed.





# create a msplot tool, select the data with field name 3C273 for plot,  
# and initialize a plot of Amplitude vs UV distance for  
# channel 1 and stokes 1, iterating over Antenna1, and creating  
# two plot panels per iteration page. msname=[’./data/’]);  
  plotoptions.nxpanels := 1;  
  plotoptions.nypanels := 2;  
  plotoptions.windowsize := 6;  
  plotoptions.aspectratio := 1.2;  
  plotoptions.fontsize := 14.0;  
  mp.setdata( fieldNames=[’3C273’] );  
  labels := [’Amplitude vs UVdist (iterating over Antenna1)’,’uvdist’,’amplitude’];  
  mp.plotxy( x=’SQRT(SUMSQUARE(UVW[1:2]))’ y=’AMPLITUDE(DATA[1,1])’, iteration=’ANTENNA1’ );  
To iterate over baseline, for stokes 1, channel 1.  
  plotopts.nxpanels := 1;  
  plotopts.nypanels := 4;  
  labels := [’Amplitude vs UVdist (iterating over Baseline)’,’uvdist’,’amplitude’];  
  iteraxes := [’ANTENNA1’,’ANTENNA2’];  
  mp.plotxy( x=[’SQRT(SUMSQUARE(UVW[1:2]))’ y=’AMPLITUDE(DATA[1,1])’], iteration=iteraxes )  


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