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1.5.1 quanta - Tool

quanta tool handles units and quantities



convertfreqconvert a frequency quantity to another unit
convertdopconvert a doppler velocity quantity to another unit
quantity make a quantity from a string or from a numeric value and a unit string
getvalue get the internal value of a quantity
getunit get the internal unit of a quantity
canonical get canonical value of quantity
canon get canonical value of quantity
convert convert a quantity to another unit
define define a new unit name
map list known unit names and constants
maprec create record containing list of known unit names and constants
fits define some FITS units
angle show an angle as a formatted string
time show a time (or date) as a formatted string
add add quantities
sub subtract quantities
mul multiply quantities
div divides quantities
neg negate quantities
norm normalise angle
le compare quantities
lt compare quantities
eq compare quantities
ne compare quantities
gt compare quantities
ge compare quantities
sin sine of quantity
cos cosine of quantity
tan tangent of quantity
asin arcsine of quantity
acos arccosine of quantity
atan arctangent of quantity
atan2arctangent of two quantity
abs absolute value of quantity
ceil ceil value of quantity
floor floor value of quantity
log logarithm of quantity
log10 logarithm of quantity
exp exponential of quantity
sqrt square root of quantity
compare compare dimensionality of units
check check for proper unit string
checkfreq check for proper frequency unit
pow raise quantity to power
constants get a constant
isangle check if valid angle or time quantity
totime convert an angle (or a time) to a time
toangle convert a time (or an angle) to an angle
splitdate split a date/time into a record
tos convert quantity to string
type type of tool
done Free resources used by tool. Current implementation ignores input parameter, does nothing and returns true
unit quantity from value v and unit string
isquantityCheck if quantity
setformat set format for output of numbers. (NOT IMPLEMENTED YET!)
getformatget current output format (NOT IMPLEMENTED YET!)
formxxx Format a quantity using given format, allowed are hms, dms, deg, rad, +deg.

    quanta.convertfreq - Function
    quanta.convertdop - Function
    quanta.quantity - Function
    quanta.getvalue - Function
    quanta.getunit - Function
    quanta.canonical - Function - Function
    quanta.convert - Function
    quanta.define - Function - Function
    quanta.maprec - Function
    quanta.fits - Function
    quanta.angle - Function
    quanta.time - Function
    quanta.add - Function
    quanta.sub - Function
    quanta.mul - Function
    quanta.div - Function
    quanta.neg - Function
    quanta.norm - Function
    quanta.le - Function - Function
    quanta.eq - Function - Function - Function - Function
    quanta.sin - Function
    quanta.cos - Function
    quanta.tan - Function
    quanta.asin - Function
    quanta.acos - Function
    quanta.atan - Function
    quanta.atan2 - Function
    quanta.abs - Function
    quanta.ceil - Function
    quanta.floor - Function
    quanta.log - Function
    quanta.log10 - Function
    quanta.exp - Function
    quanta.sqrt - Function - Function
    quanta.check - Function
    quanta.checkfreq - Function
    quanta.pow - Function
    quanta.constants - Function
    quanta.isangle - Function
    quanta.totime - Function
    quanta.toangle - Function
    quanta.splitdate - Function
    quanta.tos - Function
    quanta.type - Function
    quanta.done - Function
    quanta.unit - Function
    quanta.isquantity - Function
    quanta.setformat - Function
    quanta.getformat - Function
    quanta.formxxx - Function

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This code is available under the terms of the GNU General Public Lincense

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