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5.1.5 sd.linecatalog - Tool

Line catalog

The linecatalog is a wrapper for line catalog data base. These can be either ASCII tables or the tables saved from this class. The table consists of the following items:

The user can filter lines by name, frequency range, or intensity range. It is possible to overlay line catalog on the spectral plot using plotter.plot_lines.

For ASCII type input table, Comments can be present through lines starting with ’#’.

The constructor takes string that specifies a name of the catalog.

Known Issues

The name of species canno’t contain spaces. If it does, it has to be wrapped in double-quotes.




Name of the catalog





        l = sd.linecatalog(’jpl_asap.tbl’)  
        # set name restriction  
        # print summary  


get_frequency Get frequency in a specified row
get_name Get name of specie in a specified row
get_row Get the values in a specified row
nrow Get number of rows in the table
reset Unset all filtering to the table
save Save the subset of the table to disk
set_frequency_limitsSet frequency limit on the table
set_name Set a name restriction on the table
set_strength_limits Set line strength limit on the table
summary Print the contents of the table

    sd.linecatalog.get_frequency - Function
    sd.linecatalog.get_name - Function
    sd.linecatalog.get_row - Function
    sd.linecatalog.nrow - Function
    sd.linecatalog.reset - Function - Function
    sd.linecatalog.set_frequency_limits - Function
    sd.linecatalog.set_name - Function
    sd.linecatalog.set_strength_limits - Function
    sd.linecatalog.summary - Function

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