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5.1.8 sd.plotter - Tool

Single-dish specific plotter tool

This is a plotter object that is properly designed for single-dish tool. It supports stacking, multi-panel plotting, and multi-page plotting of spectral plot (channel/frequency/velocity versus spectral data). For total power (single-channel) data, it provides special function to plot total power data versus time. It also supports to plot time variation of azimuth and elevation and to plot pointing directions on the sky.

Known Issues

The multi-page plotting doesn’t support to go back previous page at the moment, it only allows to go forward.


annotate Annotate text at specified location
arrow Draw arrow on specified axis
axhline Draw a horizontal line
axhspan Draw a horizontal rectangle
axvline Draw a vertical line
axvspan Draw a vertical rectangle
casabar_existsCheck if casa toolbar exists or not
clear_header Clear header
create_mask Interactively define a mask
figtext Add text to figure at specified location
gca Get current axes
plot Plot a scantable
plot_lines Plot a line catalog
plotazel Plot azimuth and elevation versus time of a scantable
plotpointing Plot telescope pointings in a scantable
plottp Plot total power data
print_header Print header of the scantable on the plot and/or logger
refresh Do a soft refresh on the plot
save Save the plot to a file
set_abcissa Set the x-axis label of the plot
set_colors Set the colors to be used
set_colours Set the colors to be used
set_data Set a scantable to plot
set_font Set font properties
set_histogramEnable/Disable histogram plotting
set_layout Set the multi-panel layout
set_legend Specify a mapping for the legend
set_linestyles Set the linestyles to be used
set_mask Set a plotting mask for a specific selection of the data
set_mode Set the plots look and feel
set_ordinate Set y-axis label of the plot
set_panelling Set the panelling mode
set_range Set the range of interest on the abcissa of the plot
set_selection Set selection to the data
set_stacking Set the stacking mode
set_title Set the title of the plot
text Add text in a specified location

    sd.plotter.annotate - Function
    sd.plotter.arrow - Function
    sd.plotter.axhline - Function
    sd.plotter.axhspan - Function
    sd.plotter.axvline - Function
    sd.plotter.axvspan - Function
    sd.plotter.casabar_exists - Function
    sd.plotter.clear_header - Function
    sd.plotter.create_mask - Function
    sd.plotter.figtext - Function
    sd.plotter.gca - Function
    sd.plotter.plot - Function
    sd.plotter.plot_lines - Function
    sd.plotter.plotazel - Function
    sd.plotter.plotpointing - Function
    sd.plotter.plottp - Function
    sd.plotter.print_header - Function
    sd.plotter.refresh - Function - Function
    sd.plotter.set_abcissa - Function
    sd.plotter.set_colors - Function
    sd.plotter.set_colours - Function
    sd.plotter.set_data - Function
    sd.plotter.set_font - Function
    sd.plotter.set_histogram - Function
    sd.plotter.set_layout - Function
    sd.plotter.set_legend - Function
    sd.plotter.set_linestyles - Function
    sd.plotter.set_mask - Function
    sd.plotter.set_mode - Function
    sd.plotter.set_ordinate - Function
    sd.plotter.set_panelling - Function
    sd.plotter.set_range - Function
    sd.plotter.set_selection - Function
    sd.plotter.set_stacking - Function
    sd.plotter.set_title - Function
    sd.plotter.text - Function

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This code is available under the terms of the GNU General Public Lincense

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