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sd.selector.set_polarisations - Function

5.1.3 Set a sequence of polarization numbers or strings

Set the polarisations to be selected in the scantable. It allows to set polarization selection via integer or string (e.g. ”XX”, ”Q”). Integer must be within the range of 0 to 3 since the number outside this range will result no selected data exception. If the selection is specified by an integer, the selection will refer polarization type of the original scantable. On the other hand, the selection by string contains both type and component so that the selection will refer its type, not the original scantable.




A list of integers of 0-3, or strings, e.g [”I”,”Q”].


integer, string, integer array, string array


[] (no selection)



         sel = sd.selector()  
         # These are equivalent if data is ’linear’  
         # reset the polarisation selection  

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