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5.1.7 sd.simplelinefinder - Tool

Simplified line finder tool for single-dish spectrum

A simplified class to search for spectral features. The algorithm assumes that the bandpass is taken out perfectly and no spectral channels are flagged (except some edge channels). It works with a list or tuple rather than a scantable and returns the channel pairs. There is an optional feature to attempt to split the detected lines into components, although it should be used with caution. This class is largely intended to be used with scripts.

The fully featured version of the algorithm working with scantables is called linefinder.


channelRange Convert supplied velocity range into the channel range
find_lines Search for spectral lines in the spectrum
invertChannelSelectionInvert channel range selection
median Return a median of the last spectrum passed to find_lines
rms Return rms calculated during last find_lines call
writeLog Write user defined string into log file

    sd.simplelinefinder.channelRange - Function
    sd.simplelinefinder.find_lines - Function
    sd.simplelinefinder.invertChannelSelection - Function
    sd.simplelinefinder.median - Function
    sd.simplelinefinder.rms - Function
    sd.simplelinefinder.writeLog - Function

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