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sd.welcome - Function

5.1.1 Return a welcome message

Return a welcome message.

Note that the message assumes the sd tool (ASAP) is used as a standalone software so that some informations are not fit with CASA. For example, you should also report bugs on sd tool to CASA helpdesk, and you have to run ’sd.commands() instead of ’commands()’ if you want to get a list of commands from CASA console.




   print msg  
   # output will be as follows  
   Welcome to ASAP vtrunk (2010-08-13) - the ATNF Spectral Analysis Package  
   Please report any bugs via:  
   [IMPORTANT: ASAP is 0-based]  
   Type commands() to get a list of all available ASAP commands.

More information about CASA may be found at the CASA web page

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