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2.4 simulator - Module

Module for simulation of telescope data


simulator provides a unified interface for simulation of telescope processing. It can create a MeasurementSet from scratch or read in an existing MeasurementSet. It can predict synthesis data onto the (u,v) coordinates or single dish data onto (ra,dec) points, and it can corrupt this data through Gaussian errors or through specified errors reading in (anti-) calibration tables.

In the observing phase, simulator tries to act like a (simple) telescope. You first open the name of the MeasurementSet that you wish to construct. Next you use the various set* methods to setup the observing (sources, spectral windows, etc). Each such setup should be given a unique name that will be used in the next step. Then you call the observe method for each observing scan you wish to make. Here you specify the source name, spectral window name, and observing times. After this, you have a MeasurementSet that is complete but empty. In the next phase, you fill the MeasurementSet with data from a model and then corrupt the measurements (if desired). To fill it in with a model, use the predict method. Finally, to apply errors, first set up the various effects using the relevant set* methods and then call corrupt.

Some important points:

The following columns of the MeasurementSet are particularly important:

The available tool in this module is:

  2.4.1 simulator - Tool
    simulator.simulator - Function - Function
    simulator.openfromms - Function
    simulator.close - Function
    simulator.done - Function - Function
    simulator.summary - Function
    simulator.type - Function
    simulator.settimes - Function
    simulator.observe - Function
    simulator.observemany - Function
    simulator.setlimits - Function
    simulator.setauto - Function
    simulator.setconfig - Function
    simulator.setknownconfig - Function
    simulator.setfeed - Function
    simulator.setfield - Function
    simulator.setmosaicfield - Function
    simulator.setspwindow - Function
    simulator.setdata - Function
    simulator.predict - Function
    simulator.setoptions - Function
    simulator.setvp - Function
    simulator.corrupt - Function
    simulator.reset - Function
    simulator.setbandpass - Function
    simulator.setapply - Function
    simulator.setgain - Function
    simulator.settrop - Function
    simulator.setpointingerror - Function
    simulator.setleakage - Function
    simulator.oldsetnoise - Function
    simulator.setnoise - Function
    simulator.setpa - Function
    simulator.setseed - Function

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