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simulator.corrupt - Function

2.4.1 Corrupt the data with visibility errors


Add errors specified by the set functions (such as noise, gains, polarization leakage, bandpass, etc) to the visibility data. The errors are applied to the MODEL_DATA, and written to the DATA and CORRECTED_DATA columns. Note that corrupt handles only visibility-plane effects, not image-plane effects such as pointing errors and voltage patterns, which get applied in predict. Note, the function applies errors to both cross- and auto-correlation data; The auto-correlation data are corrupted properly only for the thermalnoise set by setnoise. NOTE: sm.predict assumes the model image units are Jy/pixel, and in fact will overwrite the brightness units of the image itself!




sm.setnoise( mode=’simplenoise’, simplenoise=’0.1Jy’);  
sm.setpa( mode=’calculate’);  


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