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3.2.1 table - Tool

Access tables from casapy



table is the tool that contains all the functions relevant for table handling.


fromfits Create a CASA table from a binary FITS file
fromascii Create a CASA table from a file containing data in ASCII format
open open an existing table
create create a new table
flush flush the current contents to disk
fromASDM Create an CASA table from an ASDM table
resync resync the table tool with table file
close close the table tool
copy copy a table
copyrows copy rows from this table to another
done end the table tool
iswritable is the table writable?
endianformatget the endian format used for this table
lock acquire a lock on the table
unlock unlock and flush the table
datachanged has data changed in table?
haslock has this process a lock on the table?
lockoptions get the lock options used for this table
ismultiused is the table in use in another process?
browse browse a table using a graphical browser
name return name of table on disk
createmultitableCreate a virtually concatenated table
toasciifmt Write CASA table into an ASCII format
taql Make a table from a TaQL command.
query Make a table from a query
calc TaQL expression with calc to calculate an expression on a table
selectrows Make a table from a selection of rows
info get the info record
putinfo set the info record
addreadmeline add a readme line to the info record
summary summarize the contents of the table
colnames return the names of the columns
rownumbers !!!INPUT PARAMETERS IGNORED!!! return the row numbers in the (reference) table
setmaxcachesizeset maximum cache size for column in the table
isscalarcol is the specified column scalar?
isvarcol tell if column contains variable shaped arrays
coldatatype return the column data type
colarraytype return the column array type
ncols return number of columns
nrows return number of rows
addrows add a specified number of rows
removerows remove the specified rows
renamecol rename a column
removecols remove one or more columns
iscelldefined test if a specific cell contains a value
getcell get a specific cell
getcellslice get a slice from a specific cell
getcol get a specific column
getvarcol get a specific column (for variable arrays)
getcolslice get a slice from a specific columnarray
putcell put a specific cell
putcellslice put a slice into a specific cell
putcol put a specific column
putvarcol put a specific column (for variable arrays)
putcolslice put a slice into a specific column
getcolshapestringget shape of arrays in a specific column
getkeyword get value of specific table keyword
getkeywords get values of all table keywords
getcolkeyword get value of specific column keyword
getcolkeywords get values of all keywords for a column
putkeyword put a specific table keyword
putkeywords !!!BROKEN!!! put multiple table keywords
putcolkeyword put a specific keyword for a column
putcolkeywords put multiple keywords for a column
removekeyword remove a specific table keyword
removecolkeywordremove a specific keyword for a column
getdminfo get the info about data managers
keywordnames get the names of all table keywords
fieldnames get the names of fields in a table keyword
colkeywordnames get the names of all keywords in a column
colfieldnames get the names of fields in a keyword in a column
getdesc get the table description
getcoldesc get the description of a specific column
ok Is the table tool ok?
clearlocks Clears any table lock associated with the current process
listlocks Lists any table lock associated with the current process
statistics Get statistics on the selected table column
showcache show the contents of the table cache
testincrstman Checks consistency of an Incremental Store Manager bucket layout

    table.fromfits - Function
    table.fromascii - Function - Function
    table.create - Function
    table.flush - Function
    table.fromASDM - Function
    table.resync - Function
    table.close - Function
    table.copy - Function
    table.copyrows - Function
    table.done - Function
    table.iswritable - Function
    table.endianformat - Function
    table.lock - Function
    table.unlock - Function
    table.datachanged - Function
    table.haslock - Function
    table.lockoptions - Function
    table.ismultiused - Function
    table.browse - Function - Function
    table.createmultitable - Function
    table.toasciifmt - Function
    table.taql - Function
    table.query - Function
    table.calc - Function
    table.selectrows - Function - Function
    table.putinfo - Function
    table.addreadmeline - Function
    table.summary - Function
    table.colnames - Function
    table.rownumbers - Function
    table.setmaxcachesize - Function
    table.isscalarcol - Function
    table.isvarcol - Function
    table.coldatatype - Function
    table.colarraytype - Function
    table.ncols - Function
    table.nrows - Function
    table.addrows - Function
    table.removerows - Function
    table.addcols - Function
    table.renamecol - Function
    table.removecols - Function
    table.iscelldefined - Function
    table.getcell - Function
    table.getcellslice - Function
    table.getcol - Function
    table.getvarcol - Function
    table.getcolslice - Function
    table.putcell - Function
    table.putcellslice - Function
    table.putcol - Function
    table.putvarcol - Function
    table.putcolslice - Function
    table.getcolshapestring - Function
    table.getkeyword - Function
    table.getkeywords - Function
    table.getcolkeyword - Function
    table.getcolkeywords - Function
    table.putkeyword - Function
    table.putkeywords - Function
    table.putcolkeyword - Function
    table.putcolkeywords - Function
    table.removekeyword - Function
    table.removecolkeyword - Function
    table.getdminfo - Function
    table.keywordnames - Function
    table.fieldnames - Function
    table.colkeywordnames - Function
    table.colfieldnames - Function
    table.getdesc - Function
    table.getcoldesc - Function
    table.ok - Function
    table.clearlocks - Function
    table.listlocks - Function
    table.statistics - Function
    table.showcache - Function
    table.testincrstman - Function

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