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3.2.2 tableplot - Tool

Plot data from tables via plotter



tableplot is a plotting tool for general CASA tables. Table columns can be plotted against each other, and can be combined using TaQL to create expressions for derived quantities, the result of which can then be plotted. Data from more than one table can be accessed and plotted at the same time. Expressions producing arrays result in overlay plots. The default plot style is single-panel, but if an iteration axis is specified, multi-panel plots are supported. Zooming and region-based flagging is possible on single and multi panel plots. A GUI, adapted to a particular kind of table (measurement set) can call the tableplot functions and customize the generated plots. Methods

open Specify list of tables to operate on.
setgui Set the GUI on or off. Can be done only once !!
savefig Save the currently plotted image.
selectdata Perform a TaQL based subtable selection for subsequent plots.
plotdata Plot the result of a general TaQL expression.
iterplotstart Initialize plotting with an iteration axis
replot Replot all existing panels and layers.
iterplotnext Start/Continue plotting
iterplotstop Stop plot iterations.
markregions Mark a rectangular region to flag
flagdata Flag Data for selected flag regions
unflagdata Unset flags for all regions marked using tp.markregions().
locatedata Print info about data selected using tp.markregions().
clearflags Clear all flags in the table.
saveflagversion Save current flags with a version name.
restoreflagversionRestore flags from a saved flag_version.
deleteflagversion Delete a saved flag_version.
getflagversionlist Print out a list of saved flag_versions.
clearplot Clear a plot.
done Clean up the tableplot tool - Function
    tableplot.setgui - Function
    tableplot.savefig - Function
    tableplot.selectdata - Function
    tableplot.plotdata - Function
    tableplot.iterplotstart - Function
    tableplot.replot - Function
    tableplot.iterplotnext - Function
    tableplot.iterplotstop - Function
    tableplot.markregions - Function
    tableplot.flagdata - Function
    tableplot.unflagdata - Function
    tableplot.locatedata - Function
    tableplot.clearflags - Function
    tableplot.saveflagversion - Function
    tableplot.restoreflagversion - Function
    tableplot.deleteflagversion - Function
    tableplot.getflagversionlist - Function
    tableplot.clearplot - Function
    tableplot.done - Function

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