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Process Member Functions

The process member functions process data. As of CASA 3.4, there are two: get() and fit(). The get() member function iterates through the calibration table and returns the selected data. The fit() member function does the same as the get() member function and returns the fits as well. Tables with complex parameters are converted to either amplitudes or phases.

The get() and fit() member functions employ two levels of iteration. The first level involves field, antenna 1, and antenna2 (slowest to fastest). The data for each first-level iteration are placed in a cube whose dimensions are feed x frequency x time. Two of these dimensions represent the second level of iteration. The feed axis is always an iteration axis, and the user can select either frequency or time as the other one.

In addition to providing a logical way of getting data, this two-level iteration scheme also allows users to fit along the non-iteration axis. For example, a fit can be peformed along the frequency axis for each iteration of the selected field, antenna 1, antenna 2, feed, and time.

    calanalysis.calanalysis - Function - Function
    calanalysis.close - Function
    calanalysis.calname - Function
    calanalysis.msname - Function
    calanalysis.viscal - Function
    calanalysis.partype - Function
    calanalysis.polbasis - Function
    calanalysis.numfield - Function
    calanalysis.field - Function
    calanalysis.numantenna - Function
    calanalysis.numantenna1 - Function
    calanalysis.numantenna2 - Function
    calanalysis.antenna - Function
    calanalysis.antenna1 - Function
    calanalysis.antenna2 - Function
    calanalysis.numfeed - Function
    calanalysis.feed - Function
    calanalysis.numtime - Function
    calanalysis.time - Function
    calanalysis.numspw - Function
    calanalysis.spw - Function
    calanalysis.numchannel - Function
    calanalysis.freq - Function
    calanalysis.get - Function - Function

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