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3.1.3 linearmosaic - Tool

combining images in a weighted fashion



The linearmosaic tool (lm) provides a toolkit for stitching images in a weighted fashion.

The default linear mosaic equation is defined by Equation (6) in Cornwell, Holdaway et al (Astronomy and Astrophysics, Vol. 271, p. 697 (1993)).

 lm     --p-Ap(θ)(Ip(θ)Ap(θ))wp
I  (θ) =     ∑p  A2p(θ)wp

where Ap(θ) is the primary beam (PB) of a given pointing p, wp is a sensitivity weight and the image of that pointing is Ip(θ); the linear mosaic being Ilm(θ)


??Construct a linearmosaic tool
??Set the output direction image parameters and name
??Use this function to mosaic on an existing image and weight image
??Use this function to create a Sault-weighted image
??Use this function to set if you want to mosaic in flatnoise domain
??mosaic images in a weighted fashion onto ouput image

    linearmosaic.linearmosaic - Function
    linearmosaic.defineoutputimage - Function
    linearmosaic.setoutputimage - Function
    linearmosaic.saultweightimage - Function
    linearmosaic.setlinmostype - Function
    linearmosaic.makemosaic - Function

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