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5.1.12 sd.asaplog - Tool

Wrapper object to allow for both casapy and asap logging

Wrapper object to allow for both casapy and asap logging.

Inside casapy this will connect to ’taskinit.casalog’. Otherwise it will create its own casa log sink.

.. note:: Do not instantiate a new one - use the :obj:’asaplog’ instead.

In the ASAP logging system, log messages are accumulated to the log buffer when you post any message using sd.asaplog.push. Buffered messages are flushed when you call


sd.asaplog.clear Clear buffer
sd.asaplog.disable Disable (or enable) logging
sd.asaplog.enable Enable (or disable) logging
sd.asaplog.is_enabledQuery if logging is enabled Post message to the logger
sd.asaplog.push Push logs into the buffer

    sd.asaplog.clear - Function
    sd.asaplog.disable - Function
    sd.asaplog.enable - Function
    sd.asaplog.is_enabled - Function - Function
    sd.asaplog.push - Function

More information about CASA may be found at the CASA web page

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This code is available under the terms of the GNU General Public Lincense

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