Jan 12, 2015: CASA 4.3 is now available.

Obtaining the CASA Release

Supported Operating Systems

The latest CASA release 4.3 is available for the following operating systems:

  • Linux
    • RedHat 5.11 and 6.6 (64-bit)
  • Mac OS X
    • OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion; 64-bit)
CASA may also work on other flavors of Linux. The list above covers those operating systems that we run regular tests on. For Ubuntu users we recommend the RedHat 6 version. Running CASA 4.3 on OS X 10.9/10.10 is considered experimental.


Please follow these links for downloading the code for your specific operating system and for the installation instructions.

We also provide links to intermediate, Stable versions, which pave the way for the next, following release. They have additional functionality over the current release but Stables are not as rigorously tested as the release and they likely contain developments that are not yet complete. All available documentation is only for the release, so Stable may behave somewhat differently than what is currently documented.

The latest CASA release is 4.3.


      • Latest Release RedHat 6 64bit; 4.3.0; 976MB: Download
      • Latest Release RedHat 5 64bit; 4.3.0; 964MB: Download
      • ALMA Pipeline CASA 4.2.2; 958MB: Download
      • Older public Releases for Linux: Archive
      • Stable versions (currently under development):
        RedHat 6 64bit; CASA 4.4: Download
        RedHat 5 64bit; CASA 4.4: Download

Mac OS X

      • OS X 10.8; Mountain Lion 64bit; 4.3.0; 414MB: Download
      •ALMA pipeline version CASA 4.2.2; 416MB: Download
      • Older Releases for OS X: 10.5   10.6   10.7   10.8
      • The latest OS X Stable is older than the current release.
        Please use the current release.


      • CASA User Reference & Cookbook (current release): Download (pdf)
      • Source Code: Source Code Notes

If you need additional help, please consult our NRAO helpdesk or ALMA helpdesk
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