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NumericTraits.h File Reference

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class  casa::NumericTraits< T >
 Relationships between numeric data types. More...
class  casa::NumericTraits_F< Float >
 NumericTraits specialization for Float. More...
class  casa::NumericTraits_D< Double >
 NumericTraits specialization for Double. More...
class  casa::NumericTraits_C< Complex >
 NumericTraits specialization for Complex. More...
class  casa::NumericTraits_DC< DComplex >
 NumericTraits specialization for DComplex. More...


namespace  casa
 this file contains all the compiler specific defines


#define NumericTraits_F
#define NumericTraits_D
#define NumericTraits_C
#define NumericTraits_DC

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#define NumericTraits_C

Definition at line 326 of file NumericTraits.h.

#define NumericTraits_D

Definition at line 289 of file NumericTraits.h.

Definition at line 365 of file NumericTraits.h.

#define NumericTraits_F

Definition at line 252 of file NumericTraits.h.