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MeasuresProxy Class Reference

#include <MeasuresProxy.h>

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Public Member Functions

 MeasuresProxy ()
virtual ~MeasuresProxy ()
Record measure (const Record &rec, const String &str, const Record &form)
Bool doframe (const Record &rec)
String dirshow (const Record &rec)
Record doptorv (const Record &rec, const String &str)
Record doptofreq (const Record &rec, const String &str, const Quantity &form)
Record todop (const Record &rec, const Quantity &form)
Record torest (const Record &rec, const Record &form)
Vector< Stringobslist ()
Vector< Stringsrclist ()
Vector< Stringlinelist ()
Record observatory (const String &str)
Record source (const String &str)
Record line (const String &str)
Record alltyp (const Record &rec)
Quantum< Vector< Double > > posangle (const Record &lrec, const Record &rrec)
Quantum< Vector< Double > > separation (const Record &lrec, const Record &rrec)
Record uvw (const Record &mhrec)
Record expand (const Record &mhrec)

Private Member Functions

String vec2str (const Vector< String > &lst)
Bool doFrame (const MeasureHolder &in)
Bool doFrame (const String &in)
Bool makeMeasure (String &error, MeasureHolder &out, const MeasureHolder &in, const String &outref, const Record &off)
Bool toUvw (String &error, MeasureHolder &out, Vector< Double > &xyz, Vector< Double > &dot, const MeasureHolder &in)
Bool expandIt (String &error, MeasureHolder &out, Vector< Double > &xyz, const MeasureHolder &in)
MeasureHolder rec2mh (const Record &rec)
Record mh2rec (const MeasureHolder &mh)

Static Private Member Functions

static String getMeasureType (const Record &in)

Private Attributes

MeasFrame frame_p
 The globally used MeasFrame for this DO.
MeasComet * pcomet_p
 The current comet class.

Detailed Description

Definition at line 49 of file MeasuresProxy.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

virtual MeasuresProxy::~MeasuresProxy ( ) [virtual]

Member Function Documentation

Record MeasuresProxy::alltyp ( const Record &  rec)
String MeasuresProxy::dirshow ( const Record &  rec)
Bool MeasuresProxy::doframe ( const Record &  rec)
Bool MeasuresProxy::doFrame ( const MeasureHolder &  in) [private]
Bool MeasuresProxy::doFrame ( const String in) [private]
Record MeasuresProxy::doptofreq ( const Record &  rec,
const String str,
const Quantity &  form 
Record MeasuresProxy::doptorv ( const Record &  rec,
const String str 
Record MeasuresProxy::expand ( const Record &  mhrec)
Bool MeasuresProxy::expandIt ( String error,
MeasureHolder &  out,
Vector< Double > &  xyz,
const MeasureHolder &  in 
) [private]
static String MeasuresProxy::getMeasureType ( const Record &  in) [static, private]
Record MeasuresProxy::line ( const String str)
Bool MeasuresProxy::makeMeasure ( String error,
MeasureHolder &  out,
const MeasureHolder &  in,
const String outref,
const Record &  off 
) [private]
Record MeasuresProxy::measure ( const Record &  rec,
const String str,
const Record &  form 
Record MeasuresProxy::mh2rec ( const MeasureHolder &  mh) [private]
Record MeasuresProxy::observatory ( const String str)
Quantum<Vector<Double> > MeasuresProxy::posangle ( const Record &  lrec,
const Record &  rrec 
MeasureHolder MeasuresProxy::rec2mh ( const Record &  rec) [private]
Quantum<Vector<Double> > MeasuresProxy::separation ( const Record &  lrec,
const Record &  rrec 
Record MeasuresProxy::source ( const String str)
Record MeasuresProxy::todop ( const Record &  rec,
const Quantity &  form 
Record MeasuresProxy::torest ( const Record &  rec,
const Record &  form 
Bool MeasuresProxy::toUvw ( String error,
MeasureHolder &  out,
Vector< Double > &  xyz,
Vector< Double > &  dot,
const MeasureHolder &  in 
) [private]
Record MeasuresProxy::uvw ( const Record &  mhrec)
String MeasuresProxy::vec2str ( const Vector< String > &  lst) [private]

Member Data Documentation

MeasFrame MeasuresProxy::frame_p [private]

The globally used MeasFrame for this DO.

Definition at line 94 of file MeasuresProxy.h.

MeasComet* MeasuresProxy::pcomet_p [private]

The current comet class.

Definition at line 96 of file MeasuresProxy.h.

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