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Public Member Functions
casa::PlotShapeLine Class Reference

Specialization of PlotShape for a line. More...

#include <PlotShape.h>

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casa::PlotShape casa::PlotItem

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Public Member Functions

 PlotShapeLine ()
virtual ~PlotShapeLine ()
virtual void setLineCoordinates (double location, PlotAxis axis)=0
 Sets the line location to the given.
virtual double location () const =0
 Returns the line location.
virtual PlotAxis axis () const =0
 Returns the line axis.

Detailed Description

Specialization of PlotShape for a line.

A line consists of an axis and a location. For example, a line at 5 on the X_BOTTOM axis would draw a continuous line at x = 5. Getting/setting coordinates MUST be in the order: [location], where location has the value for x for X_BOTTOM or X_TOP or as y for Y_LEFT or Y_RIGHT and is in world coordinates.

Definition at line 190 of file PlotShape.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation


Definition at line 193 of file PlotShape.h.

virtual casa::PlotShapeLine::~PlotShapeLine ( ) [inline, virtual]


Definition at line 196 of file PlotShape.h.

Member Function Documentation

virtual PlotAxis casa::PlotShapeLine::axis ( ) const [pure virtual]

Returns the line axis.

virtual double casa::PlotShapeLine::location ( ) const [pure virtual]

Returns the line location.

virtual void casa::PlotShapeLine::setLineCoordinates ( double  location,
PlotAxis  axis 
) [pure virtual]

Sets the line location to the given.

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