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casa::QC Class Reference

Physical constants (i.e. dimensioned values) More...

#include <QC.h>

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Static Public Attributes

static Quantum< Doublec
 vel of light
static Quantum< DoubleG
 Gravitational constant.
static Quantum< Doubleh
static Quantum< DoubleHI
 HI line.
static Quantum< DoubleR
 Gas constant.
static Quantum< DoubleNA
static Quantum< Doublee
 electron charge
static Quantum< Doublemp
 proton mass
static Quantum< Doublemp_me
static Quantum< Doublemu0
 permeability vacuum
static Quantum< Doubleepsilon0
 permittivity vacuum
static Quantum< Doublek
static Quantum< DoubleF
static Quantum< Doubleme
 mass electron
static Quantum< Doublere
 radius electron
static Quantum< Doublea0
 Bohr's radius.
static Quantum< DoubleR0
 Solar radius.
static Quantum< Doublek2
 IAU Gaussian grav.

Static Private Member Functions

static void init ()
 This function is used, in conjunction with the QC_init class to force construction of statics (see ARM 3.4).


class QC_init

Detailed Description

Physical constants (i.e. dimensioned values)

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A QC is based on the Quantum and C (constants) class


QC:name will produce a Quantity (Quantum<Double>) value consisting of a value and a unit. See the Quantum class for possibilities of manipulating quanta. tQuantum will give a list of the currently available constants


To obtain the velocity of light in pc/a, use:

    #include <casa/Quanta.h>
    Double vel_pcpy = (C::c).convert("pc/a").getValue();

The following constants are defined as public data members of class QC.

Caution: The following public data member documentation is currently extracted by hand, and thus could be out of date if this documentation was not updated when the class was modified;

       // vel of light
       static Quantum<Double> c;
       // Gravitational constant
       static Quantum<Double> G;
       // Planck
       static Quantum<Double> h;
       // HI line
       static Quantum<Double> HI;
       // Gas constant
       static Quantum<Double> R;
       // Avogadro
       static Quantum<Double> NA;
       // electron charge
       static Quantum<Double> e;
       // proton mass
       static Quantum<Double> mp;
       // mp/me
       static Quantum<Double> mp_me;
       // permeability vacuum
       static Quantum<Double> mu0;
       // permittivity vacuum
       static Quantum<Double> epsilon0;
       // Boltzmann
       static Quantum<Double> k;
       // Faraday
       static Quantum<Double> F;
       // mass electron
       static Quantum<Double> me;
       // radius electron
       static Quantum<Double> re;
       // Bohr's radius
       static Quantum<Double> a0;
       // Solar radius
       static Quantum<Double> R0;
       // IAU Gaussian grav. const **2
       static Quantum<Double> k2;


Physical constants should be known with their proper dimensions

Definition at line 154 of file QC.h.

Member Function Documentation

static void casa::QC::init ( ) [static, private]

This function is used, in conjunction with the QC_init class to force construction of statics (see ARM 3.4).

Friends And Related Function Documentation

friend class QC_init [friend]

Definition at line 155 of file QC.h.

Member Data Documentation

Bohr's radius.

Definition at line 207 of file QC.h.

vel of light

Definition at line 162 of file QC.h.

electron charge

Definition at line 180 of file QC.h.

permittivity vacuum

Definition at line 192 of file QC.h.


Definition at line 198 of file QC.h.

Gravitational constant.

Definition at line 165 of file QC.h.


Definition at line 168 of file QC.h.

HI line.

Definition at line 171 of file QC.h.


Definition at line 195 of file QC.h.

IAU Gaussian grav.

const **2

Definition at line 213 of file QC.h.

mass electron

Definition at line 201 of file QC.h.

proton mass

Definition at line 183 of file QC.h.


Definition at line 186 of file QC.h.

permeability vacuum

Definition at line 189 of file QC.h.


Definition at line 177 of file QC.h.

Gas constant.

Definition at line 174 of file QC.h.

Solar radius.

Definition at line 210 of file QC.h.

radius electron

Definition at line 204 of file QC.h.

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