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Public Member Functions
casa::TBDataTable Class Reference

Implementation of TBData for Table data. More...

#include <TBData.h>

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casa::TBDataString casa::TBData

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Public Member Functions

 TBDataTable (String value)
 Constructor that takes the String value.
 TBDataTable (TBData &data)
 Constructor that calls setValue().
 ~TBDataTable ()
String getType ()
 Returns the table type.

Detailed Description

Implementation of TBData for Table data.


Although Table types are stored differently on disk, for the browser all we really care about is the location. Therefore TBDataTable is really just a TBDataString.

Definition at line 831 of file TBData.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Constructor that takes the String value.

See TBDataString::TBDataString().

Definition at line 835 of file TBData.h.

casa::TBDataTable::TBDataTable ( TBData data) [inline]

Constructor that calls setValue().

See TBDataString::setValue().

Definition at line 838 of file TBData.h.

Definition at line 840 of file TBData.h.

Member Function Documentation

String casa::TBDataTable::getType ( ) [inline, virtual]

Returns the table type.

Reimplemented from casa::TBDataString.

Definition at line 843 of file TBData.h.

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