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casa::TBTableDriverDirect Class Reference

TBTableDriver implementation that directly accesses the table on disk. More...

#include <TBTableDriver.h>

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Public Member Functions

 TBTableDriverDirect (TableParams *tp, TBTable *table)
 Constructor that takes a table and its parameters.
virtual ~TBTableDriverDirect ()
bool canRead ()
 Implements TBTableDriver::canRead().
bool canWrite ()
 Implements TBTableDriver::canWrite().
bool tryWriteLock ()
 Implements TBTableDriver::tryWriteLock().
bool releaseWriteLock ()
 Implements TBTableDriver::releaseWriteLock().
Result loadRows (int start, int num, bool full, vector< String > *fields, bool parsedata, ProgressHelper *progressPanel)
 Implements TBTableDriver::loadRows().
void loadArray (TBArrayData *d, unsigned int row, unsigned int col)
 Implements TBTableDriver::loadArray().
vector< int > dimensionsOf (unsigned int col)
 Implements TBTableDriver::dimensionsOf().
Result editData (unsigned int row, unsigned int col, TBData *newVal, vector< int > *d=NULL)
 Implements TBTableDriver::editData().
int totalRowsOf (String location)
 Implements TBTableDriver::totalRowsOf().
Result insertRows (int n)
 Implements TBTableDriver::insertRows().
Result deleteRows (vector< int > r)
 Implements TBTableDriver::deleteRows().

Static Public Member Functions

static vector< TBKeyword * > * getKeywords (RecordInterface &kws)
 Converts keywords in a TableRecord to a vector of TBKeywords.

Private Attributes

Table m_table
 Reference to table on disk.

Detailed Description

TBTableDriver implementation that directly accesses the table on disk.


TBTableDriverDirect is a table driver that accesses the table on disk via the CASA tables code module. It is therefore faster than the XML driver and is the default for the table browser. See casa::Table.

Definition at line 201 of file TBTableDriver.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Constructor that takes a table and its parameters.

Member Function Documentation

Result casa::TBTableDriverDirect::deleteRows ( vector< int >  r) [virtual]
vector<int> casa::TBTableDriverDirect::dimensionsOf ( unsigned int  col) [virtual]
Result casa::TBTableDriverDirect::editData ( unsigned int  row,
unsigned int  col,
TBData newVal,
vector< int > *  d = NULL 
) [virtual]

Converts keywords in a TableRecord to a vector of TBKeywords.

void casa::TBTableDriverDirect::loadArray ( TBArrayData d,
unsigned int  row,
unsigned int  col 
) [virtual]
Result casa::TBTableDriverDirect::loadRows ( int  start,
int  num,
bool  full,
vector< String > *  fields,
bool  parsedata,
ProgressHelper progressPanel 
) [virtual]
int casa::TBTableDriverDirect::totalRowsOf ( String  location) [virtual]

Member Data Documentation

Reference to table on disk.

Definition at line 249 of file TBTableDriver.h.

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