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casa::TableError Class Reference

Base error class for storage manager. More...

#include <TableError.h>

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casa::AipsError casa::TableArrayConformanceError casa::TableConformanceError casa::TableDescNoName casa::TableDuplFile casa::TableInternalError casa::TableInvColumnDesc casa::TableInvDT casa::TableInvExpr casa::TableInvHyperDesc casa::TableInvLogic casa::TableInvOper casa::TableInvOpt casa::TableInvSort casa::TableInvType casa::TableNoDatFile casa::TableNoDir casa::TableNoFile casa::TableParseError casa::TableUnknownDesc casa::TableVectorNonConform

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Public Member Functions

 TableError (Category c=GENERAL)
 The default constructor generates the message "Table error".
 TableError (const String &message, Category c=GENERAL)
 Construct with given message.
 ~TableError () throw ()

Detailed Description

Base error class for storage manager.

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This is the generic StMan exception; catching this one means catching all Table* exceptions. Note that you have to catch AipsError to catch all possible exceptions.

Definition at line 55 of file TableError.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

The default constructor generates the message "Table error".

casa::TableError::TableError ( const String message,
Category  c = GENERAL 

Construct with given message.

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