Getting Started with CASA

Getting Started

  • First, install CASA along the instructions provided on our Obtaining CASA webpage.
  • Mac users should first launch the in the Applications folder.
  • In a terminal, type


    You will see the startup screen followed by the CASA prompt

    CASA <1>:

    The logger window will also appear upon CASA startup.
  • Yes! You are now using CASA!
  • On the CASAguides webpage we provide a detailed Getting Started article which we encourage you to follow. It will make you more familiar with the look and feel of CASA and guide you through the basic usage.
  • We also provide very detailed annotated scripts on the CASAguides webpage, with downloadable data. Guides are available for ALMA, VLA, Data Simulation, pre-upgrade VLA, CARMA, and SMA. These tutorials are used for the NRAO synthesis school and for training in general.
  • Internal NRAO users (staff and visitors) should have a look at the CASA at NRAO webpage for additional information on how to use different versions of CASA and the contact persons at the NRAO sites.
  • For more help visit the Using CASA documentation webpage or use our NRAO helpdesk that can also be accessed via our portal.
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