casa  5.7.0-16
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FringeJones.h File Reference
#include <casa/aips.h>
#include <synthesis/MeasurementComponents/StandardVisCal.h>
#include <synthesis/MeasurementComponents/SolvableVisCal.h>
#include <synthesis/CalTables/CTTimeInterp1.h>

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class  casa::CTRateAwareTimeInterp1
 Rate-aware time interpolation engine. More...
class  casa::SDBListGridManager
 A utility class that provides an API that allows clients to find grid indices in time and frequency from a SBDList that can include multiple spectral windows. More...
class  casa::DelayRateFFT
 DelayRateFFT is responsible for the two-dimensional FFT of visibility phases to find an estimate for deay. More...
class  casa::FringeJones
 Fringe-fitting (parametrized phase) VisCal. More...


 -*- mode: c++ -*-