casa  5.7.0-16
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OMP.h File Reference
#include <casacore/casa/aips.h>

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 For temporary backward namespace compatibility, use casa as alias for casacore.


uInt casacore::OMP::maxThreads ()
 Get the maximum number of threads. More...
uInt casacore::OMP::nMaxThreads ()
 Backward. More...
void casacore::OMP::setNumThreads (uInt)
 Set the number of threads to use. More...
uInt casacore::OMP::numThreads ()
 Get the number of threads used in a parallel piece of code. More...
uInt casacore::OMP::threadNum ()
 Get the thread number (0 till numThreads). More...
void casacore::OMP::setNested (Bool)
 Set if nested parallel sections are possible or not. More...
bool casacore::OMP::nested ()
 Test if nested parallel sections are possible. More...