casa  5.7.0-16
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PCFSpectralElement.h File Reference
#include <components/SpectralComponents/SpectralElement.h>

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class  casa::PCFSpectralElement
 Abstract base class that describes a spectral profile that can be parameterized by a peak value (amplitude), center, and width. More...


 -*- mode: c++ -*-


casacore::Bool casa::fixedAmpl () const
casacore::Bool casa::fixedCenter () const
casacore::Bool casa::fixedWidth () const
casacore::Bool casa::fixedFWHM () const
 casa::PCFSpectralElement (SpectralElement::Types type)
 casa::PCFSpectralElement (SpectralElement::Types type, const casacore::Vector< casacore::Double > &param)
 param should have three elements: amplitude, center, and width More...
 casa::PCFSpectralElement (SpectralElement::Types type, casacore::Double amp, casacore::Double center, casacore::Double width)
 casa::PCFSpectralElement (const PCFSpectralElement &other)
 casa::PCFSpectralElement ()
void casa::_initFunction ()