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RFCommon.h File Reference
#include <casa/Arrays/Vector.h>
#include <casa/Arrays/Matrix.h>
#include <casa/Containers/RecordInterface.h>
#include <casa/Logging/LogIO.h>
#include <algorithm>
#include <limits>

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class  casa::FlaggerEnums
 FlaggerEnums: collection of enums for various flagger classes. More...


 -*- mode: c++ -*-


typedef casacore::uInt casa::RFlagWord
 RFAs use bitwise flags. More...
typedef casacore::Vector
< RFlagWord > 
typedef casacore::Matrix
< RFlagWord > 


casacore::Bool casa::fieldType (const casacore::RecordInterface &parm, const casacore::String &id, casacore::DataType type, casacore::DataType type2=casacore::TpNumberOfTypes)
 short inline function for checking the type of a record field More...
casacore::Bool casa::isField (const casacore::RecordInterface &parm, const casacore::String &id, casacore::Bool(*func)(casacore::DataType))
 short inline function for checking a field's data type against some function More...
casacore::Bool casa::isValidRecord (const casacore::RecordInterface &parm, const casacore::String &id)
 short inline function for checking that a field is a non-empty record More...
casacore::Bool casa::isFieldSet (const casacore::RecordInterface &parm, const casacore::String &id)
 casacore::Short inline function for checking if a record field is "set", i.e. More...
casacore::uInt casa::fieldSize (const casacore::RecordInterface &parm, const casacore::String &id)
 casacore::Short inline function for returning the number of elements in a field (0 for no field, 1 for scalar, >1 for arrays) More...
casacore::String casa::stringUpper (const casacore::String &in)
 Basically just upcase(), but in a form suitable for casacore::Array::apply. More...
int casa::dprintf (casacore::LogIO &os, const char *format,...)
 a debug-printf function, for printf-ing debug messages More...
std::vector< bool > casa::bitvec_from_ulong (unsigned long val, size_t len=std::numeric_limits< unsigned long >::digits)
unsigned long casa::bitvec_to_ulong (const std::vector< bool > &val)


const char casa::RF_GLISHINDEX []
 character constants for common agent parameters More...
const char casa::RF_NAME []
const char casa::RF_DEBUG []
const char casa::RF_PLOT []
const char casa::RF_PLOTSCR []
const char casa::RF_GLOBAL []
const char casa::RF_TRIAL []
const char casa::RF_RESET []
const char casa::RF_FIGNORE []
const char casa::RF_UNFLAG []
const char casa::RF_SHADOW []
const char casa::RF_ELEVATION []
const char casa::RF_THR []
const char casa::RF_ROW_THR []
const char casa::RF_HW []
const char casa::RF_ROW_HW []
const char casa::RF_ROW_DISABLE []
const char casa::RF_COLUMN []
const char casa::RF_EXPR []
const char casa::RF_CLIP []
const char casa::RF_FLAGRANGE []
const char casa::RF_MIN []
const char casa::RF_MAX []
const char casa::RF_CHANAVG []
const char casa::RF_NDEG []
const char casa::RF_SPWID []
const char casa::RF_FREQS []
const char casa::RF_CHANS []
const char casa::RF_REGION []
const char casa::RF_NBINS []
const char casa::RF_MINPOP []
const char casa::RF_CORR []
const char casa::RF_ANT []
const char casa::RF_FIELD []
const char casa::RF_BASELINE []
const char casa::RF_AUTOCORR []
const char casa::RF_INTENT []
const char casa::RF_SCAN []
const char casa::RF_ARRAY []
const char casa::RF_OBSERVATION []
const char casa::RF_FEED []
const char casa::RF_UVRANGE []
const char casa::RF_DIAMETER []
const char casa::RF_LOWERLIMIT []
const char casa::RF_UPPERLIMIT []
const char casa::RF_TIMERANGE []
const char casa::RF_CENTERTIME []
const char casa::RF_TIMEDELTA []
const char casa::RF_QUACK []
const char casa::RF_QUACKMODE []
const char casa::RF_QUACKINC []
const char casa::RF_NCHAN []
const char casa::RF_START []
const char casa::RF_STEP []
const char casa::RF_MODE []
const char casa::RF_MSSELECT []