casa  5.7.0-16
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String.h File Reference
#include <casacore/casa/aips.h>
#include <string>
#include <casacore/casa/iosstrfwd.h>
#include <casacore/casa/sstream.h>

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class  casacore::SubString
 SubString help class to be used in at, before,... More...
class  casacore::String
 String: the storage and methods of handling collections of characters. More...
struct  casacore::String_global_functions_concatenator
 Global concatenation operators. More...
struct  casacore::String_global_functions_comparitor
 Global comparison operators. More...
struct  casacore::String_global_functions_split
 Splitting Global function which splits the String into string array res at separator and returns the number of elements. More...
struct  casacore::String_global_functions_common
 Some general functions Functions to find special patterns, join and replicate. More...
struct  casacore::String_global_functions_case
 Casing and related functions Case conversion and rearrangement functions. More...
struct  casacore::String_global_functions_io
 IO. More...


 For temporary backward namespace compatibility, use casa as alias for casacore.


ostream & casacore::operator<< (ostream &s, const String &x)