casa  5.7.0-16
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casacore::LELUnary< T > Member List

This is the complete list of members for casacore::LELUnary< T >, including all inherited members.

className() const casacore::LELUnary< T >virtual
eval(LELArray< T > &result, const Slicer &section) const casacore::LELUnary< T >virtual
evalRef(LELArrayRef< T > &result, const Slicer &section) const casacore::LELInterface< T >virtual
getArray() const casacore::LELInterface< T >
getAttribute() const casacore::LELInterface< T >inline
getScalar() const casacore::LELUnary< T >virtual
hasLock(FileLocker::LockType) const casacore::LELUnary< T >virtual
isScalar() const casacore::LELInterface< T >inline
LELUnary(const LELUnaryEnums::Operation op, const CountedPtr< LELInterface< T > > &pExpr)casacore::LELUnary< T >
lock(FileLocker::LockType, uInt nattempts)casacore::LELUnary< T >virtual
op_pcasacore::LELUnary< T >private
pExpr_pcasacore::LELUnary< T >private
prepareScalarExpr()casacore::LELUnary< T >virtual
replaceScalarExpr(CountedPtr< LELInterface< T > > &expr)casacore::LELInterface< T >static
resync()casacore::LELUnary< T >virtual
setAttr(const LELAttribute &attrib)casacore::LELInterface< T >protected
shape() const casacore::LELInterface< T >inline
unlock()casacore::LELUnary< T >virtual
~LELInterface()casacore::LELInterface< T >virtual
~LELUnary()casacore::LELUnary< T >