casa  5.7.0-16
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casacore::Sort Member List

This is the complete list of members for casacore::Sort, including all inherited members.

addKey(const void *data, DataType, uInt nr, int options)casacore::Sortprivate
addKey(SortKey *)casacore::Sortprivate
Ascending enum valuecasacore::Sort
compare(uInt index1, uInt index2) const casacore::Sortprivate
copy(const Sort &that)casacore::Sortprivate
DefaultSort enum valuecasacore::Sort
Descending enum valuecasacore::Sort
HeapSort enum valuecasacore::Sort
heapSort(uInt nr, uInt *indices) const casacore::Sortprivate
heapSortNoDup(uInt nr, uInt *indices) const casacore::Sortprivate
InsSort enum valuecasacore::Sort
insSort(uInt nr, uInt *indices) const casacore::Sortprivate
insSortNoDup(uInt nr, uInt *indices) const casacore::Sortprivate
merge(uInt *inx, uInt *tmp, uInt size, uInt *index, uInt nparts) const casacore::Sortprivate
NoDuplicates enum valuecasacore::Sort
operator=(const Sort &)casacore::Sort
Option enum namecasacore::Sort
Order enum namecasacore::Sort
parSort(int nthr, uInt nrrec, uInt *inx) const casacore::Sortprivate
ParSort enum valuecasacore::Sort
qkSort(Int nr, uInt *indices) const casacore::Sortprivate
QuickSort enum valuecasacore::Sort
quickSort(uInt nr, uInt *indices) const casacore::Sortprivate
quickSortNoDup(uInt nr, uInt *indices) const casacore::Sortprivate
siftDown(Int low, Int up, uInt *indices) const casacore::Sortprivate
Sort(const void *data, uInt elementSize)casacore::Sort
Sort(const Sort &)casacore::Sort
sort(Vector< uInt > &indexVector, uInt nrrec, int options=DefaultSort, Bool tryGenSort=True) const casacore::Sort
sortKey(const void *data, DataType, uInt increment=0, Order=Ascending)casacore::Sort
sortKey(const void *data, const CountedPtr< BaseCompare > &, uInt increment, Order=Ascending)casacore::Sort
sortKey(uInt offset, DataType, Order=Ascending)casacore::Sort
sortKey(uInt offset, const CountedPtr< BaseCompare > &, Order=Ascending)casacore::Sort
swap(Int index1, Int index2, uInt *indices) const casacore::Sortinlineprivate
unique(Vector< uInt > &uniqueVector, uInt nrrec) const casacore::Sort
unique(Vector< uInt > &uniqueVector, const Vector< uInt > &indexVector) const casacore::Sort