casa  5.7.0-16
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casacore::TiledCollapser< T, U > Member List

This is the complete list of members for casacore::TiledCollapser< T, U >, including all inherited members.

canHandleNullMask() const casacore::TiledCollapser< T, U >virtual
endAccumulator(Array< U > &result, Array< Bool > &resultMask, const IPosition &shape)=0casacore::TiledCollapser< T, U >pure virtual
init(uInt nOutPixelsPerCollapse)=0casacore::TiledCollapser< T, U >pure virtual
initAccumulator(uInt64 n1, uInt64 n3)=0casacore::TiledCollapser< T, U >pure virtual
process(uInt accumIndex1, uInt accumIndex3, const T *inData, const Bool *inMask, uInt inDataIncr, uInt inMaskIncr, uInt nrval, const IPosition &startPos, const IPosition &shape)=0casacore::TiledCollapser< T, U >pure virtual
~TiledCollapser()casacore::TiledCollapser< T, U >virtual