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casacore::Unary< T > Member List

This is the complete list of members for casacore::Unary< T >, including all inherited members.

clone() const casacore::Unary< T >privatevirtual
defcutoff()casacore::MathFunc< T >inlinestatic
defExpPower()casacore::MathFunc< T >inlinestatic
defExpScale()casacore::MathFunc< T >inlinestatic
defKBparm()casacore::MathFunc< T >inlinestatic
defKBwidth()casacore::MathFunc< T >inlinestatic
defmodKBparm()casacore::MathFunc< T >inlinestatic
defSincparm()casacore::MathFunc< T >inlinestatic
defSphcutoff()casacore::MathFunc< T >inlinestatic
defSphparm()casacore::MathFunc< T >inlinestatic
defwidth()casacore::MathFunc< T >inlinestatic
id() const casacore::Unary< T >virtual
MathFunc(FUNCTYPE)casacore::MathFunc< T >
MathFunc(FUNCTYPE, T cutoff, T arg1=1.0e+30, T arg2=1.0e+30, T arg3=1.0e+30)casacore::MathFunc< T >
MathFunc(String &, Vector< double > &)casacore::MathFunc< T >
MathFunc(const MathFunc< T > &)casacore::MathFunc< T >
MathFunc(MathFunc< T > *)casacore::MathFunc< T >
MathFunc()casacore::MathFunc< T >protected
newMathFunc(const MathFunc< T > &)casacore::MathFunc< T >static
objectcasacore::MathFunc< T >protected
operator=(const Unary< T > &)casacore::Unary< T >
casacore::MathFunc::operator=(const MathFunc< T > &)casacore::MathFunc< T >
sup_value() const casacore::Unary< T >inlinevirtual
sup_widthcasacore::Unary< T >private
Unary(T cut=MathFunc< T >::defcutoff())casacore::Unary< T >
Unary(const Unary< T > &)casacore::Unary< T >
value(const T &) const casacore::Unary< T >virtual
~MathFunc()casacore::MathFunc< T >virtual