Known Issues CASA 4.7.2

  • Simulation:
    • simobserve/analyze ---
      • corruption of simulated MS by an atmospheric phase screen is only available from the toolkit. simobserve and sm: Under some circumstances, running sm.setnoise and sm.corrupt, or simobserve with thermal noise, twice using the same project name, the noise can be applied a second time, doubling the noise level. Be sure to use different project names for creating different simulations with noise. see casaguides.nrao.edu for the latest simulation information
  • Single Dish
    • general ---
      • Difficulty in allocating memory to import/processing of band 9 (fast-mapped, double-circle) data. Use high-performance machines as workaround.
    • sdflagmanager ---
      • Due to a limitation of current implementation, row or channel flag status may not be restored properly. This may happen when any rows are flagged.
    • sflag and sdplot ---
      • Data selection by raster causes an error when it is used in combination with field and/or timerange selection.
    • sdimaging ---
      • sdimaging task may fail when more than several MSes are chosen as inputs (infiles) to create single output image. It is because the file descriptor opened by the task exceeds the limit defined by OSes. You can relax the limit of the number of open file descriptors by the command, e.g., ulimit -n 4096 . Note the typical number of file descriptors opened by the task is 35/MS.
    • The following single dish tasks with the old task interfaces are removed: sdbaselineold, sdcalold, sdcal2old, sdfitold, sdflagold, sdflag2old, sdgridold, sdimagingold, sdmathold, sdplotold, sdreduceold, sdsaveold, sdsmoothold, and sdstatold.
    • The following issues in the previous releases are fixed.
      • sdimaging does not take antenna variation into account when calculating pointing direction of spectra for gridding.
      • slowness of beam size definition in sdimaging.
      • sdimaging fails when imsize is specified in numpy integer type.
      • sdimaging does not provide accurate error message when selection failed (no data is selected).
      • scantable to MS conversion does not map new ALMA scan intents, CALIBRATE_ATMOSPHERE#ON_SOURCE and HOT,AMBIENT, properly.
      • scantable to MS conversion outputs redundant pointing information in POINTING subtable
      • sdcal2 ignores scan intents when extracting Tsys measurements to calibration table

    See also the Alert notices in the CASA User Reference & Cookbook and the Casaguides Wiki Pages for more details on known problems and workarounds.

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