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ATMEnumerations.h File Reference

Global enumeration objects. More...

#include "ATMCommon.h"

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enum  SidebandSide {
 Defines the side of a sideband. More...
enum  SidebandType {
 Defines the kind of sideband separations. More...
enum  typeAtm_t {
 Defines the type of atmosphere. More...

Detailed Description

Global enumeration objects.

The ASDM uses the the item netSideband to describe the sidebands. It appears more convenient to use a pair of items, the side of the sideband and its type. The following two enumerations describes this.

Definition in file ATMEnumerations.h.

Enumeration Type Documentation

Defines the side of a sideband.

Heterodyne receivers have two sidebands, a lower and an upper sideband. On the other hand the detectors do not have sidebands. The Science Data Model assign one spectral window per sideband. Hence, with detectors, there is a single spectral window. SidebandSide differentiates between these various cases.

The codes have the following meaning:

  • 0 No sideband (eg for a detector)
  • 1 Lower sideband (LSB)
  • 2 Upper sideband (USB)

No sideband (eg for HEMT)


Lower sideband (LSB)


Upper sideband (USB)

Definition at line 59 of file ATMEnumerations.h.

Defines the kind of sideband separations.

With heterodyne receivers there are always two sidebands. In the interferometric case it is possible to separate these two sidebands. When there is no sideband separation two types are considered, single sideband (SSB) when the image sideband has been rejected and double sideband (DSB) when the siband gain ratio is about half half. In the case of DSB only one sideband is retained for the data because the other sideband has identical data. When modeling the atmospheric contribution both sidebands need to be considered because the contribution is not the same in the two sidebands.

The codes have the following meaning:

  • -1 No type (NOTYPE): type is not relevant with a SidebandSide equal to NOSB
  • 0 Double sidebands (DSB): Case with no sideband rejection
  • 1 Single sideband (SSB): Case with sideband rejection
  • 2 Two sideband (TWOSB): Case with sideband separation (only for interferometric modes)

Not relevant (no sideband)


Double sideband (no rejection)


Single sideband (rejection)


two sidebands (sideband separation)

Definition at line 87 of file ATMEnumerations.h.

enum typeAtm_t

Defines the type of atmosphere.

The codes have the following meaning:

  • 1 Tropical (tropical)
  • 2 Mid-latitude Summer (midlatSummer)
  • 3 Mid-latitude Winter (midlatWinter)
  • 4 Sub-arctic Summer (subarcticSummer)
  • 5 Sub-arctic Winter (subarcticWinter)
  • 6 typeATM_end

Definition at line 110 of file ATMEnumerations.h.