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ImageTypedefs.h File Reference
#include <casa/aipstype.h>
#include <casa/BasicSL/Complexfwd.h>
#include <casa/Utilities/CountedPtr.h>

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class  casacore::ImageInterface< T >
 A base class for astronomical images. More...


 For temporary backward namespace compatibility, use casa as alias for casacore.
 -*- mode: c++ -*-


#define SPIIT
#define SPCIIT
#define SPIIU
#define SPCIIU
#define SPIICT
#define SPIIRT


using casa::SPCIIF = std::shared_ptr< const casacore::ImageInterface< casacore::Float > >
using casa::SPIIF = std::shared_ptr< casacore::ImageInterface< casacore::Float > >
using casa::SPCIIC = std::shared_ptr< const casacore::ImageInterface< casacore::Complex > >
using casa::SPIIC = std::shared_ptr< casacore::ImageInterface< casacore::Complex > >
using casa::SPCIID = std::shared_ptr< const casacore::ImageInterface< casacore::Double > >
using casa::SPIID = std::shared_ptr< casacore::ImageInterface< casacore::Double > >
using casa::SPCIIDC = std::shared_ptr< const casacore::ImageInterface< casacore::DComplex > >
using casa::SPIIDC = std::shared_ptr< casacore::ImageInterface< casacore::DComplex > >
using casa::ITUPLE = std::tuple< SPIIF, SPIIC, SPIID, SPIIDC >

Macro Definition Documentation

#define SPCIIT

Definition at line 35 of file ImageTypedefs.h.

#define SPCIIU

Definition at line 38 of file ImageTypedefs.h.

#define SPIICT

Definition at line 40 of file ImageTypedefs.h.

#define SPIIRT

Definition at line 41 of file ImageTypedefs.h.

#define SPIIT

Definition at line 34 of file ImageTypedefs.h.

#define SPIIU

Definition at line 37 of file ImageTypedefs.h.