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QwtConfig.h File Reference
#include <qwt_global.h>
#include <qwt_scale_widget.h>
#include <qwt_plot_curve.h>
#include <qwt_color_map.h>
#include <qwt_interval_data.h>

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typedef QwtIntervalData qwt_interval_t


void set_data (QwtPlotCurve *curve, const QVector< double > &x, const QVector< double > &y)
void set_color_map (QwtScaleWidget *scale, QwtDoubleInterval &range, const QwtLinearColorMap &colorMap)
template<class T >
void set_symbol (T *qwt_thing, const QwtSymbol &sym)

Typedef Documentation

typedef QwtIntervalData qwt_interval_t

Definition at line 28 of file QwtConfig.h.

Function Documentation

void set_color_map ( QwtScaleWidget *  scale,
QwtDoubleInterval &  range,
const QwtLinearColorMap &  colorMap 

Definition at line 32 of file QwtConfig.h.

void set_data ( QwtPlotCurve *  curve,
const QVector< double > &  x,
const QVector< double > &  y 

Definition at line 29 of file QwtConfig.h.

template<class T >
void set_symbol ( T *  qwt_thing,
const QwtSymbol &  sym 

Definition at line 35 of file QwtConfig.h.