casa  5.7.0-16
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X11Intrinsic.h File Reference
#include <X11/Intrinsic.h>

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struct  casa::X11Intrinsic_global_functions_definitions
 Make sure some definitions ok. More...


 -*- mode: c++ -*-


#define casacore
 <X11/Intrinsic.h> #defines true, false, casacore::Bool, and String. More...

Macro Definition Documentation

#define casacore

<X11/Intrinsic.h> #defines true, false, casacore::Bool, and String.

After inclusion of <X11/Intrinsic.h>, usage of other portions of AIPS++, e.g. the String class, may fail to compile. This file circumvents this name conflict. This file should be used in preference to <X11/Intrinsics.h> where there is the possibility of a conflict with between the X11 usage of these names and any non-X11 usage of these names.

Definition at line 42 of file X11Intrinsic.h.

Referenced by casa::CStokesVector::applyScircInv(), casa::applyScircInv(), casa::CStokesVector::applySlinInv(), and casa::applySlinInv().