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asdmbinaries::SDMDataObject::Baseband Class Reference

SDMDataObject::Baseband:: declarations. More...

#include <SDMDataObject.h>

Public Member Functions

 Baseband ()
 An empty constructor. More...
 ~Baseband ()
 The destructor. More...
 Baseband (BasebandNameMod::BasebandName name, const std::vector< SpectralWindow > &spectralWindows)
 The constructor of Baseband. More...
BasebandNameMod::BasebandName name () const
 Returns the name of the baseband. More...
const std::vector
< SpectralWindow > & 
spectralWindows () const
 void ref(BasebandName value); More...
void spectralWindows (const std::vector< SpectralWindow > &value)

Private Member Functions

void owner (const SDMDataObject *o)

Private Attributes

BasebandNameMod::BasebandName name_
std::vector< SpectralWindowspectralWindows_
const SDMDataObjectowner_


class SDMDataObject
class DataStruct
class HeaderParser

Detailed Description

SDMDataObject::Baseband:: declarations.

A class to describe a baseband in use during an observation.

An instance of this class collects the following informations:

Definition at line 478 of file SDMDataObject.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

asdmbinaries::SDMDataObject::Baseband::Baseband ( )

An empty constructor.

This constructor should never be used.
asdmbinaries::SDMDataObject::Baseband::~Baseband ( )

The destructor.

asdmbinaries::SDMDataObject::Baseband::Baseband ( BasebandNameMod::BasebandName  name,
const std::vector< SpectralWindow > &  spectralWindows 

The constructor of Baseband.

Member Function Documentation

BasebandNameMod::BasebandName asdmbinaries::SDMDataObject::Baseband::name ( ) const

Returns the name of the baseband.

a BasebandName value.
void asdmbinaries::SDMDataObject::Baseband::owner ( const SDMDataObject o)
const std::vector<SpectralWindow>& asdmbinaries::SDMDataObject::Baseband::spectralWindows ( ) const

void ref(BasebandName value);

Returns the spectral windows of this baseband.

a reference to a vector of SpectralWindow.
void asdmbinaries::SDMDataObject::Baseband::spectralWindows ( const std::vector< SpectralWindow > &  value)

Friends And Related Function Documentation

friend class DataStruct

Definition at line 480 of file SDMDataObject.h.

friend class HeaderParser

Definition at line 481 of file SDMDataObject.h.

friend class SDMDataObject

Definition at line 479 of file SDMDataObject.h.

Member Data Documentation

BasebandNameMod::BasebandName asdmbinaries::SDMDataObject::Baseband::name_

Definition at line 484 of file SDMDataObject.h.

const SDMDataObject* asdmbinaries::SDMDataObject::Baseband::owner_

Definition at line 487 of file SDMDataObject.h.

std::vector<SpectralWindow> asdmbinaries::SDMDataObject::Baseband::spectralWindows_

Definition at line 485 of file SDMDataObject.h.

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