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asdmbinaries::SDMDataObject::BinaryPart Class Reference

SDMDataObject::BinaryPart:: declarations. More...

#include <SDMDataObject.h>

Inheritance diagram for asdmbinaries::SDMDataObject::BinaryPart:
asdmbinaries::SDMDataObject::AutoDataBinaryPart asdmbinaries::SDMDataObject::ZeroLagsBinaryPart

Public Member Functions

 BinaryPart ()
 An empty constructor. More...
virtual ~BinaryPart ()
 The destructor. More...
 BinaryPart (unsigned int size, const std::vector< AxisNameMod::AxisName > &axes)
 The full constructor. More...
virtual unsigned int size () const
 Returns the size of a binary attachment as a number of values (e.g. More...
virtual const std::vector
< AxisNameMod::AxisName > & 
axes () const
 virtual void size (unsigned int value); More...

Protected Member Functions

void owner (const SDMDataObject *o)

Protected Attributes

unsigned int size_
< AxisNameMod::AxisName > 
const SDMDataObjectowner_


class DataStruct
class SDMDataObject
class HeaderParser
class SDMDataObjectWriter

Detailed Description

SDMDataObject::BinaryPart:: declarations.

A class to describe binary data, i.e. :

An instance of this class collects information about :

Definition at line 544 of file SDMDataObject.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

asdmbinaries::SDMDataObject::BinaryPart::BinaryPart ( )

An empty constructor.

virtual asdmbinaries::SDMDataObject::BinaryPart::~BinaryPart ( )

The destructor.

asdmbinaries::SDMDataObject::BinaryPart::BinaryPart ( unsigned int  size,
const std::vector< AxisNameMod::AxisName > &  axes 

The full constructor.

Member Function Documentation

virtual const std::vector<AxisNameMod::AxisName>& asdmbinaries::SDMDataObject::BinaryPart::axes ( ) const

virtual void size (unsigned int value);

Returns a vector of axis names. The vector contains the list of axis names relevant for this binary part ordered from the less (1st) to the more (last) rapidly varying.

a vector of AxisName.
void asdmbinaries::SDMDataObject::BinaryPart::owner ( const SDMDataObject o)
virtual unsigned int asdmbinaries::SDMDataObject::BinaryPart::size ( ) const

Returns the size of a binary attachment as a number of values (e.g.

a number of long long for the actualDurations, or a number of short int for crossData when they are encoded as short ints).

Friends And Related Function Documentation

friend class DataStruct

Definition at line 545 of file SDMDataObject.h.

friend class HeaderParser

Definition at line 547 of file SDMDataObject.h.

friend class SDMDataObject

Definition at line 546 of file SDMDataObject.h.

friend class SDMDataObjectWriter

Definition at line 548 of file SDMDataObject.h.

Member Data Documentation

std::vector<AxisNameMod::AxisName> asdmbinaries::SDMDataObject::BinaryPart::axes_

Definition at line 552 of file SDMDataObject.h.

const SDMDataObject* asdmbinaries::SDMDataObject::BinaryPart::owner_

Definition at line 554 of file SDMDataObject.h.

unsigned int asdmbinaries::SDMDataObject::BinaryPart::size_

Definition at line 551 of file SDMDataObject.h.

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