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casa::ActionSummary Class Reference

#include <ActionSummary.h>

Inheritance diagram for casa::ActionSummary:

Public Member Functions

 ActionSummary (Client *client)
void setSummaryType (PMS::SummaryType type)
void setCTSummaryType (PMS::CTSummaryType type)
void setFile (casacore::String file)
void setVerbose (bool verbose)
virtual ~ActionSummary ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from casa::PlotMSAction
 PlotMSAction (Client *client, PMSPTMethod postThreadMethod=NULL, std::vector< PlotMSPlot * > postThreadObject=std::vector< PlotMSPlot * >())
 Non-Static //. More...
virtual ~PlotMSAction ()
 Destructor. More...
bool doAction (PlotMSApp *plotms)
 Performs the action, using the given PlotMSApp, and returns true for success or false or failure. More...
void setUseThreading (bool useThread)
virtual bool doActionWithResponse (PlotMSApp *plotms, casacore::Record &retval)
const casacore::StringdoActionResult () const
 Returns the result of doAction(), if applicable. More...

Protected Member Functions

virtual bool doActionSpecific (PlotMSApp *plotms)
virtual bool loadParameters ()
- Protected Member Functions inherited from casa::PlotMSAction
void setUpClientCommunication (BackgroundThread *thread, int index)
bool initiateWork (BackgroundThread *thread)

Private Attributes

PMS::SummaryType summaryType
 vector<PlotMSPlot*> plots; More...
PMS::CTSummaryType CTsummaryType
casacore::String filename
bool verbose

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from casa::PlotMSAction
enum  Type {
 Static // Enum for implemented actions. More...
- Protected Attributes inherited from casa::PlotMSAction
bool useThreading
Type itsType_
 Action type. More...
casacore::String itsDoActionResult_
 Result of doAction, if applicable. More...
std::vector< PlotMSPlot * > postThreadObject

Detailed Description

Definition at line 33 of file ActionSummary.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

casa::ActionSummary::ActionSummary ( Client client)
virtual casa::ActionSummary::~ActionSummary ( )

Member Function Documentation

virtual bool casa::ActionSummary::doActionSpecific ( PlotMSApp plotms)

Implements casa::PlotMSAction.

virtual bool casa::ActionSummary::loadParameters ( )

Reimplemented from casa::PlotMSAction.

void casa::ActionSummary::setCTSummaryType ( PMS::CTSummaryType  type)
void casa::ActionSummary::setFile ( casacore::String  file)
void casa::ActionSummary::setSummaryType ( PMS::SummaryType  type)
void casa::ActionSummary::setVerbose ( bool  verbose)

Member Data Documentation

PMS::CTSummaryType casa::ActionSummary::CTsummaryType

Definition at line 49 of file ActionSummary.h.

casacore::String casa::ActionSummary::filename

Definition at line 50 of file ActionSummary.h.

PMS::SummaryType casa::ActionSummary::summaryType

vector<PlotMSPlot*> plots;

Definition at line 48 of file ActionSummary.h.

bool casa::ActionSummary::verbose

Definition at line 51 of file ActionSummary.h.

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