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casa::BLTableParser Class Reference

#include <BLParameterParser.h>

Inheritance diagram for casa::BLTableParser:

Public Member Functions

 BLTableParser (string const file_name)
 ~BLTableParser ()
bool GetFitParameterIdx (double const time, double const interval, size_t const scanid, size_t const beamid, size_t const antid, size_t const spwid, size_t &idx)
void GetFitParameterByIdx (size_t const idx, size_t const ipol, bool &apply, std::vector< float > &coeff, std::vector< double > &boundary, BLParameterSet &bl_param)
- Public Member Functions inherited from casa::BLParameterParser
 BLParameterParser (string const file_name)
 ~BLParameterParser ()
bool GetFitParameter (size_t const rowid, size_t const polid, BLParameterSet &bl_param)
 Returns false if there is no fitting parameters for the row and pol. More...
string get_file_name ()
 Returns the name of file that stores. More...
std::vector< size_t > get_function_types ()
 Returns a list of baseline type in the file. More...
uint16_t get_max_order (size_t const bltype)
 Returns the maximum fit order of specified baseline type to construct BaselineContext. More...

Private Member Functions

void initialize ()
void parse ()
uint16_t GetTypeOrder (size_t const &baseline_type, casacore::uInt const irow, casacore::uInt const ipol)
 Returns order or npiece in BLParameterSet structure depending on datatype. More...

Private Attributes

std::map< string, std::vector
< double > > 
std::map< string, std::vector
< casacore::uInt > > 
std::map< string, size_t > numRows_

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Types inherited from casa::BLParameterParser
enum  BLParameters {
 The enum for columns in fitting parameter file. More...
- Protected Member Functions inherited from casa::BLParameterParser
void initialize ()
 private: More...
void Clearup ()
void parse (string const file_name)
 parse a file More...
void SplitLine (string const &linestr, char const separator, std::vector< string > &strvec)
 split string by separator character More...
void ConvertLineToParam (string const &linestr, size_t &rowid, size_t &polid, BLParameterSet &paramset)
 convert a line of string to a BLParameterSet data structure More...
uint16_t GetTypeOrder (BLParameterSet const &bl_param)
 Returns order or npiece in BLParameterSet structure depending on datatype. More...
template<typename DataType >
DataType ConvertString (string const &svalue)
- Protected Attributes inherited from casa::BLParameterParser
string blparam_file_
 Member variables. More...
std::map< const std::pair
< size_t, size_t >
, BLParameterSet * > 
std::vector< size_t > baseline_types_
uint16_t max_orders_ [BaselineType_kNumElements]

Detailed Description

Definition at line 182 of file BLParameterParser.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

casa::BLTableParser::BLTableParser ( string const  file_name)
casa::BLTableParser::~BLTableParser ( )

Member Function Documentation

void casa::BLTableParser::GetFitParameterByIdx ( size_t const  idx,
size_t const  ipol,
bool &  apply,
std::vector< float > &  coeff,
std::vector< double > &  boundary,
BLParameterSet bl_param 
bool casa::BLTableParser::GetFitParameterIdx ( double const  time,
double const  interval,
size_t const  scanid,
size_t const  beamid,
size_t const  antid,
size_t const  spwid,
size_t &  idx 
uint16_t casa::BLTableParser::GetTypeOrder ( size_t const &  baseline_type,
casacore::uInt const  irow,
casacore::uInt const  ipol 

Returns order or npiece in BLParameterSet structure depending on datatype.

void casa::BLTableParser::initialize ( )
void casa::BLTableParser::parse ( )

Member Data Documentation

BaselineTable* casa::BLTableParser::bt_

Definition at line 199 of file BLParameterParser.h.

std::map<string, size_t> casa::BLTableParser::numRows_

Definition at line 202 of file BLParameterParser.h.

std::map<string, std::vector<double> > casa::BLTableParser::sortedTimes_

Definition at line 200 of file BLParameterParser.h.

std::map<string, std::vector<casacore::uInt> > casa::BLTableParser::timeSortedIdx_

Definition at line 201 of file BLParameterParser.h.

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